Gaming Monitor 60Hz VS 120Hz

60Hz vs 120Hz for Gaming

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We have put hours of research and testing into this gaming laptop buyer guide of the 10 best gaming laptops available in 2018.

While it sits on the pricier end of the spectrum, the ASOS Republic of Gamers Swift PG348Q monitor has a screen that is incredibly massive. Its size, though, might not be enough to make the price worth it, but its features and quality might be just the thing.
This gaming keyboard is quite possibly our favorite among the more reasonably priced gaming keyboards out there. Though it has some expensive competitors with amazing features, the “bang for your buck” that you get with the HyperX Alloy Elite is more than worth it.

As time goes on, more and more incredible online and video games are being produced. These games are breaking barriers and setting a new standard of what to expect from modern gaming; in animation, in storytelling, and in immersive capabilities. But as games rapidly become more life-like and advanced, what tools do gamers need to fully experience these incredibly created worlds at their full potential? 

If you’re into gaming and are struggling to decide whether now is the time to upgrade your equipment, here are some facts to take into consideration in the 60hz vs 120hz TV gaming debate.

No matter how advanced a game, if your system cannot support the high quality is it really even worth playing? A big component of having the right technology for gaming is having the right monitor. And a common argument is 60hz vs 120hz or even 144hz 4k gaming monitor options. It’s important to assess monitor panel variety, but possibly more significant to make sure your monitor frequency (hz) is on point.  The most common question nowadays is often, “Does–on my PS4–60hz vs 120hz matter?” “What about 60hz vs 120hz LED tv?” We’re here to debunk some of the misconceptions and help you choose the right monitor frequency for your needs.

When it comes to 4k monitors vs ultrawide monitors, it all depends on your needs. Both displays can boost productivity and make working much easier as they provide more space but it’s up to you to decide which one works for you.


If an ultrawide display is 3440x1440 4k pixels, it will allow multitasking and organize your windows around the screen so you can keep an eye on more things at the same time. 3440x1440 vs 4k is very useful and can save you quite some time while working.


Both the curved and non-curved versions of ultrawide will enable you to keep an eye on numerous things without overlapping windows. Many people find it easier to work on the ultrawide monitor rather than using multiple displays so we must admit that an ultrawide monitor 4k does promise ease of work.


A 4K display possesses a pixel ratio of 4096 X 2160 and they are now available in many sizes so you can choose the one that suits you. The 4k ultrawide monitor will offer mostly all the benefits that an ultrawide monitor provides, including having more screen space to organize your windows.


It is ideal for writers or researchers as you can work in multiple apps without any difficulties. One astonishing feature of 4K displays is the number of pixels to make use of which is a great improvement. However, there are a few drawbacks when it comes to using a 4k display, for example, you may get the impression that it would work better on a larger panel. Regardless of that, a 4K display is great to work on and will provide ultimate user experience when it comes to video and gaming as well.


The physical size of ultrawide 4k monitor displays will undoubtedly attract you as it offers many possibilities providing lots of space to play with. They are ideal for desks and easier to manage than having to monitors side by side on your desk. But ultimately, whether you’ll prefer an ultrawide or a 4K display will depend on the type of work you do.


If you don’t like having so many windows or apps opened at the same time and you don’t feel the need to keep an eye on more things at the same time, then buying a huge monitor may not be a smart choice for you. As 4K displays come in smaller footprints, individuals who prefer working in one app at the time may benefit from using this monitor. Although, you will have to do some image and text scaling to make everything readable on your 4K display.

60hz vs 120hz TVs: What’s the Difference?

When 120hz monitors hit the market in recent years, gamers using the staple 60hz monitors began to question if a 120hz vs 60hz gaming experience would better fit their needs and enhance their gameplay. And rightly so, because a higher frequency monitor will–in theory–smooth out gameplay for users. The refresh rate–which refers to the number of times an image changes per second–can affect the visuals of a game. For instance, a 60hz vs 120hz refresh rate could potentially change the way a game looks, depending on the type and speed of game. 120hz monitors are definitely superior for certain types of games, such as racing games and any game with a lot of fast action and movement because that frequency creates a more fluid experience. The easier it is to see and react to a game, the better success a user often has in gameplay.

Should You Upgrade?

While 120hz monitors may cost more in the TV 60hz vs 120hz gaming debate, there are lots of reasons to make the switch if you can swing it financially. Here are a few major reasons.

Improved Motion Resolution

Many gamers opt for a 4K TV. With 4K, 60hz vs 120hz can be a substantial difference, as most 4k TVs can operate with a higher refresh rate. This higher rate allows for enhanced motion resolution, meaning our brains have more information to glue together and there is less blurring during rapid movement in games.

Less Screen Tearing

Another component of upgrading your computer and TV: 60hz vs 120hz will hold up to your gaming system in different ways. This means that, if you have a really advanced system with high frame rate capabilities, you should also have a monitor with a higher refresh rate to keep up or else you could have issues with images being displayed incorrectly or in a spliced manner.


So when it comes to 60hz vs 120hz, 4k is really only ideal if you have a monitor to match. The higher the refresh rate, the better gaming experience a user will have overall. Set yourself up for success with the right equipment by checking out our top 5 monitors review and upgrade your monitor today.

The best money can buy
In simpler terms, here are a few good things and bad things about this particular model.
While the Logitech G413 Carbon doesn’t boast about a wide array of extra features, it still stands up as a high-quality keyboard for gaming. The simplistic quality allows the Logitech G413 Carbon to serve your given purposes while saving you money. Its simplicity is also what makes it possible for the product to be sold at a relatively affordable cost.

While features such as playback lighting are disappointingly not included, the keyboard’s scientifically proven durability and speed are enough to enhance your game without all the extra features that some lesser keyboards may charge you extra for.

That is why, unless your entire quest to find the right keyboard is based in a desire for certain special features, we believe that the Logitech G413 Carbon is a great buy. It is sure to help you play a great game and be a competitive force in the online gaming world.

Every keyboard on the market has its positive and negative aspects. The Logitech G413 Carbon does not escape this universal truth. However, that does not take away from the great effectiveness of the keyboard. By looking at the clear positives and negatives, you can be sure that you are buying a keyboard that will serve you best. Sometimes you may need the extra bells and whistles of a more complicated keyboard to complete all the actions you want. In other cases, the practical simplicity of the Logitech G413 Carbon will effectively serve everything you need it to and bolster your game to the most powerful it can be.

All in all, the Asus ROG Zephyrus tends to set a high bar for thin and powerful gaming laptops and is able to deliver a quiet operation with exceptional performance and a design which has been deemed to be truly innovative. If you’re after a powerful thin gaming laptop with an excellent display we highly recommend the Asus ROG Zephyrus.

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Asus ROG Strix GL502

The Asus Stix laptop is a full HD gaming machine, thanks to its excellent built in speakers and the vibrant screen (excellent color depth).

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