Logitech G413 Carbon Review
We have put hours of research and testing into this gaming laptop buyer guide of the 10 best gaming laptops available in 2018.

24" 1080p 144Hz Budget Gaming Display

ASUS VG248Q 144Hz Monitor


The screen uses a TN panel which provides minimal input lag and a high refresh rate making this the best 144Hz budget gaming screen available today. The trade off is the TN panels washed out colors, if your a casual gamer that can't deal with the washed out color gamut we recommend you check out our round up of the best gaming displays and view some of the IPS displays such as the PG348Q.

While it sits on the pricier end of the spectrum, the ASOS Republic of Gamers Swift PG348Q monitor has a screen that is incredibly massive. Its size, though, might not be enough to make the price worth it, but its features and quality might be just the thing.
This gaming keyboard is quite possibly our favorite among the more reasonably priced gaming keyboards out there. Though it has some expensive competitors with amazing features, the “bang for your buck” that you get with the HyperX Alloy Elite is more than worth it.

Asus is a tech company that has been producing high-quality products since 1989. They are based out of Taiwan but have taken the international gaming community by storm with their vast array of monitors, laptops, motherboards, graphics cards, and more. The masterful company currently offers 34 different gaming displays ranging from small 21.5” screens to sizeable 31.5” screens. These also come in a range of resolutions all the way up to an impressive 4k in addition to refresh rates and response times that lead the market. If you aren’t familiar with Asus, you should be, because their value is unprecedented, and their products are highly competitive.


ASUS VG248QE 24" Full HD 1920x1080 144Hz 1ms HDMI Gaming Monitor

  • Ultra smooth action with 144 Hertz rapid refresh rate and 1ms (GTG) response time. Display Colors 16.7M. Color Temperature Selection 4 Modes
  • Ergonomically designed stand with Tilt,Swivel,Pivot,Height adjustment plus wall mount capability for comfortable viewing position
  • A comfortable viewing experience with ergonomic tilt, swivel pivot, and height adjustment

Features Overview

One of Asus’ most popular and best-selling gaming screens is the Asus VG248Q. This monitor can be purchased from most online sites for $279.99 or less. That price is quite respectable and reasonable as far as quality gaming displays go. The inexpensive price coupled with the device’s many impressive features make it a tempting buy for many gamers. Hopefully, this Asus VG248Q 144Hz review will give you a little bit more insight into this device and help you determine if it is the right monitor for your gaming endeavors.
Image of the back of PG248Q

Build Quality

For being a very light monitor weighing in at just 12.3 pounds, the Asus VG248Q 144Hz monitor is still sturdy and stable. The balance in weight and durability, along with a sleek design are some of the features that Asus products are known for, and the VG248Q 144Hz is no different.

VQ248Q view of I/O ports


This monitor’s design is simple yet effective. Its glossy black coloration is uncomplicated yet sophisticated. The stand allows for complete mobility, offering swivel, pivot, rotation, tilt, and height adjustment capabilities. It allows the user to achieve the perfect configuration for their desired style of gameplay. Its fairly compact screen makes it perfect for small desk spaces or for desks that need to house several screens. It is also very easy to install and connect to your computer, so you’ll be up and playing in no time. The design of this monitor is practical, user-friendly and classy at the same time.


The performance of the VG248Q 144Hz overall is respectable, but not overwhelmingly outstanding. The color accuracy is merely decent, and it has narrow viewing angles that can disrupt the color even more. The most impressive features of this device are its mind-blowingly quick response time and refresh rate and input lag. They are both unprecedented and create an unforgettable gaming experience with absolutely no lag or choppiness whatsoever. These features can completely revolutionize your gameplay and take it to a whole new level. This device is also compatible with 3D gaming, including the Nvidia 3D Vision 2. If additional equipment is purchased, this monitor allows gamers many more options than previous models could.

The best money can buy

​ASUS PG248Q Pros & Cons

The biggest obvious pro about this device is its amazing refresh rate and response time. The technology to produce refresh rates this fast didn’t even exist two years ago. This monitor’s incredible capabilities in both categories combine to make an amazing gaming experience for its users that basically eliminates lag and makes images clearer. In addition, a lot of quality monitors force gamers to drop hundreds and hundreds of dollars to obtain, but this one, coming in at a smooth $279.99, is a wonderful deal that will take a lot of strain off gamers’ wallets.

In simpler terms, here are a few good things and bad things about this particular model.


  • Phenomenal refresh rate and response time
  • Inexpensive price tag is another huge pro for this device
  • Good build quality
  • Decent performance
  • Includes a three-year parts, labor, and backlight warranty
  • Great value for the price
  • Poor color quality
  • Subpar speakers
  • No VRR

The color quality is not ideal on this device, but it’s not bad enough to make games unplayable. However, if you might use the monitor for color-sensitive activities such as photography then you may want to consider a different device or take the time to calibrate it extensively.

One thing that many gamers don’t initially realize is that the 144Hz refresh rate only applies to devices that hook into the monitor via the DisplayPort or Dual-Link DVI-D. The 144Hz refresh rate will not operate up to speed if a device is connected using the HDMI plug-in. This isn’t a huge issue as the refresh rate will only be slightly delayed, but if you exclusively play HDMI compatible devices then you may want to look for a different 144Hz monitor.

The final major complaint that gamers have is that the internal speakers aren’t great, but honestly, it is doubtful that there is a single monitor out there that has its users raving about its speakers. It should just be taken into consideration that the purchase of external speakers is advisable if sound quality is something that is important to you.


The Asus VG248Q is a solid, reliable monitor that makes for some very satisfying gameplay. If you want a respectable, inexpensive monitor that features some of the most impressive features on the market today, then this device is perfect for you. Honestly, getting a 144Hz monitor for less than $300 is almost unheard of and should not be overlooked. The major cons that gamers talk about don’t outweigh the extreme benefits. Most of them can be easily fixed or learned to live with. There is a reason that this monitor is one of the most commonly purchased gaming devices out there. If you want to add a great monitor to your gaming collection without breaking the bank, then this monitor is definitely the one.

While the Logitech G413 Carbon doesn’t boast about a wide array of extra features, it still stands up as a high-quality keyboard for gaming. The simplistic quality allows the Logitech G413 Carbon to serve your given purposes while saving you money. Its simplicity is also what makes it possible for the product to be sold at a relatively affordable cost.

While features such as playback lighting are disappointingly not included, the keyboard’s scientifically proven durability and speed are enough to enhance your game without all the extra features that some lesser keyboards may charge you extra for.

That is why, unless your entire quest to find the right keyboard is based in a desire for certain special features, we believe that the Logitech G413 Carbon is a great buy. It is sure to help you play a great game and be a competitive force in the online gaming world.

Every keyboard on the market has its positive and negative aspects. The Logitech G413 Carbon does not escape this universal truth. However, that does not take away from the great effectiveness of the keyboard. By looking at the clear positives and negatives, you can be sure that you are buying a keyboard that will serve you best. Sometimes you may need the extra bells and whistles of a more complicated keyboard to complete all the actions you want. In other cases, the practical simplicity of the Logitech G413 Carbon will effectively serve everything you need it to and bolster your game to the most powerful it can be.

All in all, the Asus ROG Zephyrus tends to set a high bar for thin and powerful gaming laptops and is able to deliver a quiet operation with exceptional performance and a design which has been deemed to be truly innovative. If you’re after a powerful thin gaming laptop with an excellent display we highly recommend the Asus ROG Zephyrus.

Best Value HD Gaming Laptop
Asus ROG Strix GL502

The Asus Stix laptop is a full HD gaming machine, thanks to its excellent built in speakers and the vibrant screen (excellent color depth).

Alienware 13 R3

Therefore, this gaming laptop from Razer could arguably be considered to be one of the best desktop replacement that you would be able to carry around. From the perspective of comfort and power, we have found ourselves to feel right at home from the very beginning. This is because this laptop would be vibrant and roomy for any kind of production work that you would require.
So, if a gorgeous quality, portability, incredible keyboard, and build quality would be some of the main determining factors for your next buy, then the Razer Blade Pro would be absolute value for your money.

Best 14" Gaming Laptop
Best Midrange Gaming Laptop
Gigabyte Aero 14
There is no doubt that gaming laptops from Gigabyte have always managed to offered superb performance which could be packed in a portable and thin package. That is why it was good to see that Aero 14 was also no different. As a result, it has managed to stand above its counterparts with better numbers in benchmarks; that too at an affordable price.

Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a good and stable 17-inch gaming notebook on the market, then this one would undoubtedly be a good buy. That being said, this would seem like a pretty good replacement for a compact desktop. However, it would not be suitable for people who would find themselves to be always on the run.

Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming
As far as aesthetics are concerned, you would find this laptop to be so red that it might even blind you momentarily. However, when you get back to normal, you would also agree that this would be one of its most eye-catching features. The palm rest and keyboard deck has been made black with red color accents on the keyboard. All this would be complete with a red backlight. As for those people who would like to go with a more subtle look, an all-black variant has also been made.
Weighing only six pounds and just being an inch thick, anyone and everyone would be able to tell that you are carrying a Dell laptop in your backpack.
Other than all this, we would also like to point out that the hinge on this laptop would undoubtedly be the best hinge that has been used by us in a while.

Thus, despite everything that Dell has to offer in this notebook, there is no denying the fact that it is in need of a major upgrade. However, it does do an excellent job of the everyday needs of computing while also keeping up with the demands of computer games.

This laptop has overcome its shortcomings with its affordable price point and powerful performance. All in all, this would definitely be a trade that you would be willing to make.
However, thanks to Gigabyte, they have managed to break this trend with this SabrePro 15. As its name would suggest, this would be a higher-end version of its budget-friendly version Sabre gaming notebook. In this 15-inch version, you would be able to get better graphics, faster processor, and an RGB keyboard. In addition, thanks to it being reasonably priced, you would also not have to worry about breaking the bank.
However, thanks to Gigabyte, they have managed to break this trend with this SabrePro 15. As its name would suggest, this would be a higher-end version of its budget-friendly version Sabre gaming notebook. In this 15-inch version, you would be able to get better graphics, faster processor, and an RGB keyboard. In addition, thanks to it being reasonably priced, you would also not have to worry about breaking the bank.
The thought of having to pay almost $2,000 for a gaming laptop would make any sane person pause. That is why the Gigabyte SabrePro would come as a refreshing change thanks to its affordable price. Even though it does not have the build quality that you would be able to find in other laptops, this definitely will be able to give you a good performance. All that being said, this would be one of the most affordable and powerful gaming notebooks that you would be able to buy today.

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Thus, that brings us to the end of the review of the top 10 gaming laptops in 2107. Hopefully this would have armed you with enough information to make a smart and rational purchase decision at the end of the day. In addition, it should also have made you aware of the particular features and specifications that you should be keeping an eye out for.

Ever since Nvidia 10-series Pascal GPUs seem to have entered the scene, you would not have been able to find many powerful and affordable gaming notebooks. That being said, that would actually have been quite a bummer because you must have had a very hard time making your choice with the limited range that you had at disposal.
However, thanks to Gigabyte, they have managed to break this trend with this SabrePro 15. As its name would suggest, this would be a higher-end version of its budget-friendly version Sabre gaming notebook. In this 15-inch version, you would be able to get better graphics, faster processor, and an RGB keyboard. In addition, thanks to it being reasonably priced, you would also not have to worry about breaking the bank.