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​Best Mouse Bungee 2019 - Buying Guide

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When most people first discover mouse bungee's, initially they problem think "is this a joke". But thank about it, how many times has your mouse cable got caught or stuck on something when playing? You're probably naturally compensating for your mouse cable getting caught up or worse, missing shots when your mouse hits against your keyboard or another item.

If you've decided to take your gaming to the next level and want to purchase a mouse bungee, don't waste your time sending back poor quality products. Check our our guide below where we review the best mouse bungess for 201​9.

Image of the Cooler Master Skorpion Mouse Bungee

What is a Mouse Bungee?​

A mouse bungee supports the weight of the mouse cable and dingles it down above the mouse, a bit like a crane. A ​mouse bungee aims to remove cable drag, providing a smoother mouse movement. A bungee provides a similar feeling to a wireless mouse but without the additional weight or wireless latency. Mouse bungees are especially useful if your ​mouse comes with a braided cable, which have a tenancy to grab over surfaces like mouse mats and cause more cable drag.

​In this article, we've examined the best mouse bungees available to save you the pain of pouring hours into research, and spend your free time and energy doing what you do best, playing video games. If you don't already have a decent mouse, you should check out our buyers guide for the best gaming mice of 2018.

​Best ​​Mouse Bungee ​2019








Thermaltake Tt e SPORTS Galeru Magnetic Detachable Head Gaming Mouse Bungee EAC-MSB001


​6 x 1.5 x 7 in


Razer Mouse Bungee - Drag-Free & Space-Saving Mouse Cord Management System - Anti-Slip Base

​Anti-Slip ​

​2.7 x 8.7 x 4.1 in


CM Storm Skorpion - Gaming Mouse Bungee with Flexible Mouse Cord Arm


​5.9 x 5.1 x 3.3 in​


Generic Mouse Bungee Mouse Cord Management Fixer Holder (Black)


​5.4 x 3.2 x 3.6 in​

The Benefits of a Mouse Bungee

Lets face it.

​We have all been there.

Someone comes at you from the side and you attempt to return fire when your mouse cable is jammed up under the monitor stand, or against the keyboard, causing you to die and your team to lose.

You probably don't realize it, but, there is a solution to this problem.

​It's called a mouse bungee and it prevents the above issue. If you're still not convinced, or you're looking for a way of justifying the purchase to yourself, some of them even have USB hubs.

Mouse Bungee Overview

  • check
    ​Extra USB Ports: Some gaming bungees have built in USB hubs to connect to your peripherals
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    Increased Accuracy: Reduces mouse cable drag, providing a more consistent mouse movement
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    ​Better Feel: You'll feel as though you're utilizing a wireless mouse without the overhead of using a heavier mouse that requires charging or batteries changing
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    ​Cleaner Look: Your work area will look more organized with your cable management under control

Thermaltake tT eSports Galeru

​The Best Mouse Bungee

Thermaltake Tt e SPORTS Galeru Magnetic Detachable Head Gaming Mouse Bungee EAC-MSB001

  • Strong magnetic detachable head
  • Transportable for easy offline enjoyment
  • Superb flexibility with outstanding stability

Unlike a lot of mouse bungees the Galeru supports both thick and thin cabled mice. ​​Despite it's appearance the Thermaltake Galeru feels heavy and is well built.​

​The unit it's self dismantles into two sections for transport: the base and the arm which ​securely clips into the base to ​ensure that the arm never ​un-clips during usage. The arm is scorpion tail molded with a rubber feel, which the cable is pushed into keeping the cable secured all the way to the base. This is the heaviest bungee we reviewed, tipping the scales at one pound. ​Coupled with the non-slip feet on the base, this guarantees the bungee itself does not move aside from when you're ​engaged in an FPS battle.​

The ​only downside is the price, it's far more expensive than the other units reviewed however given that this mouse bungee actually does it's job no matter what mouse cable thickness you have (or will have in the future).​ The additional cash buys you a solid well made product.

As said ​previously, this bungee ​supports both thin and thick mouse cables and it does it particularly well, we never experienced a period when either cable, thick or thin (included braided cables) came free or loosened during use. The Galeru has no extras, lights or USB hubs it focuses on being the best mouse bungee possible.

The ​design is pretty basic, with an almost ugly looking base. The bungee itself is very little so it won't consume much of your desktop real estate room around your work area, and the shading plan will fit in pleasantly with general setups (no gaming LED's here). ​


  • High quality solid build
  • Supports all mouse cable thicknesses
  • Cable is well gripped and secure
  • Expensive

The Razer Mouse Bungee

Razer Mouse Bungee - Drag-Free & Space-Saving Mouse Cord Management System - Anti-Slip Base

  • Keep the mouse cord off the ground by threading through the raised spring arm. It prevents tangles and stops drag for a smoother mouse swiping experience, increasing competitive gaming performance
  • A weight installed in the base's centre along with anti-slip feet on the underside means the Razer Mouse Bungee remains stable no matter how fast and aggressive your mouse swipes are
  • The Razer Mouse Bungee is structurally designed to be both an aesthetic addition to your gaming setup as well as a sleek space-saver with its small footprint

​The Razer Mouse Bungee has a simple clean minimalist appearance.  Ascetically it has the usual smooth Razer style, dark glossy look. On the business end there are  slip feet helping the stand remain 100% stable notwithstanding amid the swiftest of swipes. Its arm holds the mouse string set up, keeping any tangling conceivable outcomes by keeping your mouse string suspended and far from any work area mess.

This bungee likewise wipes out the vibe of uneven drag that happens when your mouse line gets hung up on articles or edges of your work area. At last, this usefulness encourages a more reliable, "smoother" mousing background.


  • Good quality
  • Subtle design
  • Does not work will with thick cables
  • It does not break down for portability

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion

Supports all Cable Thicknesses

CM Storm Skorpion - Gaming Mouse Bungee with Flexible Mouse Cord Arm

  • Flexibility - Rubber mouse cord arm allows you to position your mouse cord how you like
  • Compatibility - Adaptive grip grooves for both thin and thick mouse cords
  • Stability - Durable legs with super-grip feet and heavy iron core provide extreme stability

​As the name suggests, this mouse bungee looks like a scorpion (CM spell it with a K). If you're after a more exotic looking mouse bungee then the scorpion defiantly fits that category. Additionally the design allows for cable types of ALL thicknesses, allowing Logitec and other gaming mice cables to fit fine. Another cool thing about this bungee is that it can be dismantled for simple compactness, the Skorpian top arm comes off but it's worth pointing out the legs do not dismantle.

  • weight

It looks like a scorpion, the construction is metal (iron core) with a rubber coating and the item is of medium weight.


  • Looks like a scorpion
  • Iron + rubber coated 
  • Works with both thick and thin cables
  • Looks like a scorpion
  • The legs don't fully break down for portability 

ROCCAT Apuri Mouse Bungee

​Comes with a USB HUB

The ROCCAT Apuri is the most feature packed mouse bungee reviewed as the it not only sort out your mouse cable drag but it comes with a built in USB hub. However the USB hub increases the price considerably, but for the additional cost you get a compact complete configuration and no additional USB hubs clogging up your desktop space.​

The ROCCAT Apuri has 4 USB ports, useful for gaming headsets, mics and USB pens etc. So that means no more crawling around on the floor trying to find a USB port, then finding out you've tried to put the USB adapter in round the wrong way (yes, it happens to the best of us). It is stunningly designed, with that pleasant ROCCAT LED blue shine against the dark shading that comes standard with large portions of ROCCAT items. The tripod structure bolsters security, and the sloped feet and bungee with sharp design lines will add some style to your desktop.


  • 4 port USB hub
  • Blue LEDs - nice designed
  • The USB hub increases the price significantly 
  • Gamer LED's - not to everyone's taste

Buyer Advice

Mouse bungees by configuration are very straightforward, so there isn't especially you have to know before getting one, however, there are a couple of things to pay special mind to, since they may bear some pertinence to your specific setup.​


A mouse bungee is fundamentally a mouse ​cable. It must ​remain stable, and consistent while you're gaming. ​

More modest models will normally have a sticky base and these will suit a great many people's needs, ​you should be mindful of the mark the feet may leave if your gaming on your solid oak desk 🙂 

Heavier models have a tendency to be more costly, ​but don't move about during FPS battles and don't require being stuck down.

USB Hubs​

Some mouse bungees accompany extra USB ports on the base. This is useful in the event that you have a ton of USB peripherals and spares you purchasing an independent USB center point, ​but it can get messy. If your short on USB's then great, if not we would not consider this a show stopper.​

Mouse Surface

Mouse bungees work by diminishing drag and grinding, made by the mouse link rubbing on the desktop. It's essential to take note of that in case you're burning through cash on a mouse bungee, you'll have to ensure you take different activities to help limit drag from different sources as well. This implies you'll require a mouse tangle or something to that effect, and in a perfect world, you'd utilize a laser mouse rather than a ball one since these are more exact and additionally more sterile.​


All things considered, there you have it. We've ​taken an in-depth look at the best mouse bungees available and featured the pros and cons of each. Overall the Thermaltake tT eSports Galeru is rated the best mouse bungee ​for 201​9. In spite of being ​the more expensive option, it beats each other bungees we tried, due to ease of use and flexibility plus the fact you can use is no matter what type of mouse cable you're using. It's solid construction, high quality build and weight justifies the purchase regardless of the extra cash.​

We ​hope this article helped you choose the best mouse bungee, ​sort out those cables and enjoy your optimized desktop cable management!