Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Review 2019

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It is always a daunting task trying to maneuver through the Logitech's mouse lineup. They have a variety; however, one thing is certain: the G502 Proteus Spectrum is one of the best gaming mice available in 2018 for right-handed gamers. In fact, it has more features than the predecessors and probably most home appliances! The Proteus Spectrum is a replacement of the G502 Proteus Core. The device is a new improvement of the few kinks that plagued the core version. 

Additionally, the Core name has been ditched and replaced with Spectrum due to the RGB lighting. Besides, it features the most accurate sensor, which has ever been developed by Logitech. The mouse has 11 programmable buttons. Although most people consider it expensive. But, considering the performance and features, the price is a perfect match to its performance. In addition, you can customize its weight to fit your needs.




200 - 12,000


121 g

Mouse dimensions

132 mm x 75mm x 30mm


11 (mechanical)


Optical (PMW3366)



Game type



  • Reasonably prices
  • Comfortable
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Adjustable DPI up to 1200 DPI
  • Only supports right handed players


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  • Old version of G502 with optical gaming sensor (PMW3366)
  • Cable Length 6 feet or 1.83 meters

The G502 Proteus Spectrum is a high-performing and well-made gaming mouse, which has a comfortable design. The mouse if flexible, working flawlessly on any surface. In addition, it has a five chevron shaped 3.6g weight, dual mouse wheels, 11 programmable buttons, and an In-game DPI shifting mode which ranges from 200 DPI to 12,000. 

Design and Features

In addition, the device has 11 programmable buttons that include the scroll wheel. Both sides of the mouse feature's a rubber-texturized grip, while the left side features a calm thumb groove with 3 buttons.

The potential drawback of this device is that the grooves make it a right-handed mouse only. On the sides are two sensitive adjustment buttons that can be used to either increase or decrease the dpi. The top button toggles friction for a hyper-fast scrolling, while the bottom enables you to switch amid three gaming profiles that can be set up in the Logitech Gaming Software.

The dual wheel of the mouse if ridged, hence helping in precision scrolling. Besides, it can be clicked in three different directions. More to it, it weighs 4.3 ounces, making it one of the heaviest mice compared to its competitors. The biggest tweak from its predecessor Core is the additional customizable RGB lightings. Besides, its sensor ranges from 200 to 12,000 dpi. Another outstanding feature is the ability to switch between using customized profiles saved on the mouse onboard memory to letting the Spectrum automatically detect the games on your PC and set up profiles accordingly.

Lastly, the device can be tuned to different surfaces such as mouse pads or desk to maximize on the sensors tracking accuracy. To achieve this, load up the software and follow the on-screen instructions. When tested on different surfaces, there is a noticeable improvement.


Thanks to the Proteus Spectrum large and sensibly placed buttons. The mouse does a good job of controlling games from different genres. You can use it in fast-paced games, real-time strategy, and action and on multiplayer online games. Additionally, the mouse is responsive, precise and accurate. However, most users have reported a slight confusion while using the buttons despite their spacing.

The buttons are well placed especially for the ones located near the thumb. However, the preset dpi adjustments require concentration. If you are not careful, you might find yourself accidentally left clicking while in the real sense you wanted to adjust the dpi. Nonetheless, this should not be a problem since you can reassign the function of the buttons to either backward or forward buttons. 

Button response

The software offers different options of tweaking and customizing the mouse to your liking. Additionally, the configurations can be stored on either the onboard memory or the mouse or even per game on your PC.

At first, the customization process seems overwhelming; it is easily adjustable once you get to know the tips. One of the settings that should always be modified is the DPI range of the mouse. The DPI adjustment allows you to change the on the fly from high to low depending on whether you are running or just sniping.

One of the best features of this software is its ability to search your hard drive for game and setup default buttons. Besides, it has a surface tuning that lets the mouse examine the surface you are using and configure itself to work optimally. 


The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is a solid gaming mouse. It has a ton of features with excellent performance. Besides, its software allows you to make adjustments that are either superficial or radical. Moreover, the included weight gives it a nice touch that helps improve the accuracy. Nonetheless, some of the buttons are awkwardly placed; thus, they can mess you up during your gaming times, but you can reassign the buttons giving you issues to suit your needs. Besides the button issues, the mouse is a perfect fit for gaming due to its software suite.