Best CPU for Gaming 2019

When building a new gaming PC it is essential not to over look the processor and to pick the best CPU for gaming, which in our opinion is the Intel i5 8600k for budget gamers, and the Intel i7 8 700k for power users. It is common for most gamers to send most of their budget on the GPU and not have enough processing power. participates in the Amazon associates program, learn more here.

Best Intel CPU for Gaming

  • Low heat
  • 6 Cores + Internal GPU
  • Good benchmark performance
  • Fairly ​expensive
  • No hyper-threading (HT)
  • Lack of cores (modern games are using more CPU cores)

The Core i5 models have been gamer’s favorite for a prolonged period as they offer incredible performance at an affordable price. The Intel i5-8600k is indeed the most powerful 8th generation i5 CPU. In comparison to the previous i3 models, the i5 incorporates an upgraded core count. The i5 boasts six physical cores as opposed to four cores that were present in the i3 model. In fact, the core has an upgrade in almost every regard and is the leading valuable mid to high-end gaming CPU.

The Core i5 models have been gamer’s favorite for a prolonged period as they offer incredible performance at an affordable price, this CPU offers the best bang for buck.

Best i7 For Gaming

Intel Core i7-8700K

  • Good overclocker
  • HT (​12 logical core)
  • 6 Cores
  • Expensive for the performance gain
  • Needs an aftermarket coolers
  • Buy better thermal paste

This monster from Intel is our choice for the premium i7 gaming processor. Just like the other core series from Intel, the i7 model has received an upgrade to the number of processocores. Intel has migrated from four physical and eight logical cores to six physical and twelve logical cores with this beast. Besides, the i7 processors are the only 8th generation of processors to use the hyper-threading technology from Intel.

This monster from Intel is our choice for the premium i7 gaming processor, if you want the best – we recommend this CPU.

Best i3 Gaming CPU

Intel Core i3-9100F

  • 4 Cores
  • Great value
  • Low power consumption
  • Not great for OC
  • No built-in Intel GPU (who cares?)
  • No Hyper-threading (HT)

This is the first 8th generation core i3 processor from Intel. The current i3 chip integrates four physical cores as opposed to the previous i3 models that contained dual-core processors and were founded on hyperthreading to match the performance of the quad-core. Intel designed this chip to rival AMD’s Ryzen 3 CPU that overpowered the original generation of i3 processors, and this is evident from the enhanced physical core count. On the whole, the i3-8100 is a fantastic entry to the mid-range processor for gaming.

Grab the Intel i3 9100F a great 4 core gaming CPU without the built in Intel GPU, but we think it’s fair to assume you’re going to spend the money you’re saving here on a new GPU, right?

Best AMD CPU for Gamers

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

  • 8 Cores/16 Threads Unlocked (ready to OC)
  • Best multcore performance
  • Comes with a decent stock cooler
  • Perfromance lags behind Intel in some areas
  • No intergrated GPU
  • Thirsty! uses a lot of power

Apart from the 2700X offering incredible gaming performance, it is also a great performer out of the game, when it comes to video editing, gaming, and streaming games the 2700X kills it, and it comes with a decent stock cooler… what more can you ask for?

The Ryzen 7 2700X is a high-end gaming processor from the 2nd generation of Ryzen’s. It boasts eight cores and sixteen threads, which is the most that a gamer can get in a standard CPU at the moment.

Budget AMD Gaming CPU

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X

  • ​The cheapest 6-core and 12-thread CPU
  • ​Exceptional value for money
  • Comes with a decent stock H/S and Fan
  • No intergrated GPU
  • Uses more power then Intel
  • Again, lags in some areas when compared with Intel

The Ryzen 5 2600X offers a moderate performance enhancement in comparison to the previous model. The specification remains the same as its predecessor, six physical and twelve logical cores. At this price point, the chip offers twice the thread count compared to its Intel competitor. If you combine this with its high base clock speed, it really is a no brainer why the 2600X is the best budget AMD CPU for gaming.

The Ryzon 5 2600X is a great CPU for gaming, offering the best for buck for AMD fans.

This depends greatly on your setup. In short grab an Intel Core i7 8700K if you’re running 2 GPU’s or more and an Intel Core i5 8600K if you’re not… An i7 will also have an edge in games that use multiple core well (these are typically multiple player games). If you’re on a budget and a fan of team blues chips, grab the Intel Core i3 9100F. And if you love an underdog, check out AMD’s Ryzen 7 2700X or the AMD Ryzen 5 2600X if you’re after the best AMD bang for buck.

Let me know what gaming processors you guys are using and drop us your best Overclocks and benchmarks scores on Twitter! – GLHF 🙂