Microsoft Xbox Elite Review

XBOX launches a new controller with a premium feel. An upgrade to its predecessor.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller a new controller for the xbox console that is built with premium materials with a hefty pricetag. Definitely a nice upgrade to its predecessor plus the added features.

  • Quality build great paddles
  • Loved the matte finish
  • Great controller multiple button configurations
  • Paddles are too sensitive
  • Has no low-battery warning
  • A bit over-priced

Regardless of the lavish and pro-only price suggests, the Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless controller has an appealing look that every gamer can enjoy. Its rubberized grips coupled with a cool touch finish and stainless-steel components makes the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller one of the most comfortable controllers in the market.

The controller has paddles located on the back that when assigned the function of any face button, it helps control sensitivity levels. In addition, the control pad works on PCs running Windows 7 or higher, simply by plugging it in. The ease of use and ergonomic design make the Xbox Elite our top runner up for the best PC gaming controller. If you want a hassle free controller for PC gaming then grab the Xbox elite as it requires NO additional software setup – it just works in Windows.

Performance and Xbox Accessories App

Having the distance on the right trigger, one is to shoot non-automatic weapons faster, and crouching becomes quicker upon mapping it to one of the back. Paddles.

Racing games have more dynamic experiences while using the Elite controller, an example being Forza Horizon 2.

When it comes to the paddle buttons and stick sensitivity, one size doesn’t fit all and to that effect, Microsoft released an Xbox Accessories app that allows you to set up customized profiles on the controller. In addition, the app also allows you to assign functions to the paddles. On the downside, the app doesn’t allow you to set a string of buttons to the paddles

While the controller can save two profiles at a time, switching between them is pretty simple.


The Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless controller is heavier and more comfortable than the standard Xbox One pad. The rubberized grip and the amazing matte finish ensures comfort.

On the face of the controller, there are three magnetic interchangeable parts, the d-pad, and the two thumb-sticks. The concave rubber pads are the standard sticks which are familiar with the Xbox One, while the other options include convex PS3-style sticks or extra-long, arcade-style pieces.

The d-pad comes in two types: a standard cross or the new 360-degree design, with the former being more comfortable than the latter, though the latter comes in handy too.

The six other face buttons – share, menu, A, B, XY – aren’t any different than their standard controller counterpart with the exception of their color: they’re all jet black.

Spinning the controller around, you’ll find the four aforementioned paddles, named P1, P2, P3, and P4.

If you aren’t comfortable with the paddles, you can either detach them from the controller or simply disable them by pressing the sync button located at the top of the controller twice, as such, Microsoft has definitely changed the game.

In addition, the lock mechanisms for the triggers that allow you to halve the press of the left and right trigger buttons are also present here

The last feature worth mentioning is that it comes alongside with a USB cable to connect it to your PC and two AA batteries.