PlayStation® DualShock 4 Review

The top choice for PC gaming PS4 controller fans…

The PlayStation® Dual Shock 4 controller has new modern features but yet still carries that classic design that every PlayStation® users will definitely enjoy.

  • Ergonomic design with quiet and responsive D-Pad
  • High quality solid build
  • Pretty surprised with plenty of extra features
  • Not all features available on PC
  • Track pad sometimes had deficiencies
  • A bit light on feel

Since its release back in 2013 together with the PS4 console, there have been plenty of updates to the controller since then, with also plenty of potentially better designs from rival tech companies. Regardless, years down the line after its inception, it’s still just as appealing to the eye as it is to the hands.

With its notable ergonomic design, the game-play is definitely topnotch and intuitive, making you feel comfortable. Just like the rest of the design, the buttons have a buttery quality thus the response time is excellent ​crowning the it the best controller for PC gaming in 2019.


The DualShock trackpad is what’s sets it apart from similar controllers. Acting like a button itself, it’s more like a diving board as there’s a space between the end of the button and the body of the controller.

Recent updates to the track-pad have seen it has a handy redesign, which now has a light bar above it thus adding an extra dimension to your games as it glows different colors for different kinds of action, in addition to showing you when it needs charging up.

Motion and Sound

With the built-in speakers, the gameplay feels more immersive than before, although there isn’t much to expect in terms of best-in-class audio quality from a controller. However, it certainly adds to the gameplay and the audio you hear from your monitor.

Furthermore, there’s a 3.5mm stereo audio jack for your headphones if you feel like listening to all the important additional sound effects in private without interference.

With nothing new about the integration of both an accelerometer and a gyroscope, they both are highly sensitive thus ensuring a more accurate and enjoyable gameplay.