Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 Review

First launched in 2010, the Razer Blackwidow has became the highest-selling gaming keyboard from the brand.

The Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 the followup version from the best-selling keyboard from the brand. Features individually lit backlit keys & and sturdy keys plus wrist rest with Razer branding.

  • Beautiful & elegant chroma keys
  • Tactile and very clicky
  • Comfy wrist rest is a plus
  • Takes time to learn the features
  • Plastic frame instead of metal frame
  • V2 does not have much difference from V1

The popular BlackWidow was first launched in 2010. It has quickly become the best gaming keyboards on the market in terms of sales. The keyboard is most popular with eSports athletes. The Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 reviews are very favorable, in part due to its mechanical switch. It is the first keyboard with a mechanical switch, designed specifically for gaming.

Features Overview

  • Key Type: When we used the product, the ease of use of the keys was top notch. The keys have gold plated contact points, which ensured that we didn’t miss any keystrokes. The keys are also fitted with a higher quality spring that equals an operating force of 50G. We found that the green switch, ‘clicky keys’ had a good tangible feel when being used. All the keys are housed in a protective casing that keeps debris and dirt away from delicate parts. Another feature we really like about the keys is the ten-key roll over. This has ensured that you never miss a key stroke, or even up to ten key strokes. The keyboard has built in anti-ghosting technology. This is how it helps you to execute the ten commands at the same time, every time you need to.
  • Lighting: This was a huge draw for us. The lighting on the keyboard far exceeds its competitors. The keyboard comes complete with an LED indicator screen. These LEDs light up the full number pad and macro keys. The customizable lighting software is especially nice for this keyboard. This means that each key can be customizable to 16.8 million color options. We customized our keyboard to look like a firework display that can ripple away every time one presses a key. You can also make the keys look glittery. In essence, you can change their look everyday if you choose to. In fact, the lists of lighting effects that you can use include; reactive, starlight, wave, breathing, static, spectrum cycling, fire, and ripple. You can put all these together in a profile in the Chroma workshop, making your own unique profile every time you play. The most useful part of the lighting is to highlight the W, A, S, D keys that are often game specific to the games you might play.
  • Build Quality: These specific keyboards are engineered specifically for long term durability, which is something you should look for in good keyboards. We have learned that the technology is being manufactured end to end in-house, meaning that the requirements are even stricter for each individual product being manufactured. This often leads to a life-span of up to eighty million key strokes.


​The keyboard comes with a comfy, squishy wrist wrest for those long gaming sessions. This wrist wrest is included and can pop on and off the keyboard. This will add another inch or so to the front of the keyboard. The BlackWidow V2 Chroma is ergonomically designed to support your wrists, making lengthy typing and playing sessions much more comfortable.

We also liked the look of the keyboard as well. It has a matte black finish with a gradient casing that makes it very easy on the eyes. Not only is it comfortable, but it is designed with multi-award winning mechanical switches. These switches actuate an optimal distance. This gave us more speed and responsiveness then we have had with any other keyboard. The switches have become so popular that they have become the standard for all mechanical keyboards. It also comes with a braided fiber cable, ensuring that it won’t get tangled with the hundreds of other cables you have behind your computer.


The Razer offers three color coded switches to choose from. These switches are Orange, Green and Yellow. Each has their own specific benefits.

  • Green BlackWidow: These keyboards require a very definite key press, which has made it great for accuracy. This color offers a clicking noise with every key press, kind of like a typewriter.
  • Yellow BlackWidow: We found the yellows to be much quieter all around, although there is a slight rubbery resistance when the key is pressed. These are best for low travel speed typing and for FPS gaming, which is where you press the same key repeatedly.
  • Orange BlackWidow: We felt that the oranges provide a good balance in between the greens and yellows. The orange is just as durable as the others, and all withstand eighty million key presses, which might sound hard to believe but is advertised by the manufacturer.

All models have programmable macro keys that have a very useful LED panel that lets you know when recording is taking place. This is not only very functional for MMO players, but also is a good feature for casual gamers because you can program app functions to one key.

There is also a dedicated mode just for gaming that disables the windows key, which as any gamer knows is a great feature for those of us who have lost a match by accidently hitting the windows key.

If you have saved unique gaming profiles for your keyboard, rest assured that everything is saved to the cloud. Therefore, there is no problem taking the keyboard with you to other machines. It is also very versatile, as it can work cross-platform between Windows and MAC OS.