Steam controller Review

A unique game controller that has some unique features. Let’s check if it’s worth it.

A unique controller built for integration into online STEAM games. It has the unique trackpad that has been a new feature for controllers nowadays.

  • Controller is well designed layout is comfortable
  • Ergonomic & fun to use
  • Syncs with computer with ease
  • Compatibility issues with MAC users
  • Doesn't play well on other games
  • Track pad is pretty neat but needs some fine tuning for your reference

When it first came out, the Steam Controller brimmed with potential. The atypical touchpad setup and customization options set the Steam controller on top. Precision on mouse and keyboard was also a guarantee courtesy of the touchpads’ tweakable sensitivity.

However, its distinguishing feature is the loadout system. The Steam Controller lets you customize what each button and axis do on a game-by-game basis. You can then share any control scheme you make with the Steam community.


The Steam Controller’s design is more like a beast, not wildly wider or taller than the Xbox One or DualShock controllers. It is a lot fatter, with the handgrips curving into your palm rather than away from it, together with four face buttons which are smaller than those on the Xbox One controller.

The analog sticks on the Steam Controller are solid with enough stiffness for precise movements, with the rough-rubber top providing plenty of grips too.

With two additional paddles tucked away beneath the controller, just where your little and ring fingers rest, it’s definitely great to have a couple of extra buttons that are easy to use.

The Steam’s Big Picture Mode is a layer that takes over Windows and makes your PC all about gaming. Coupled with its own browser and YouTube app, its core is about getting you into a game with a minimum of fuss.


With the dual trackpads, the Steam controller trades the second analog stick and the D-pad for two highly responsive trackpads. These can serve almost any purpose, from simple mouse control to steering wheels, or anything else that a particular game may require.

All the best PC gaming controllers have vibration motors built into it, but Valve’s Steam controller takes vibration to a new level with its superb haptics. It offers precise, high-fidelity haptic feedback that enables maximum immersion.

The Steam controller is the best PC controller when it comes to motion control capabilities, as it sports both a gyroscope and an accelerometer. Thanks to this, users can utilize motion controls either for fine-tuning their aim in shooting games, using it as a steering wheel in racing games or just as a regular mouse pointer on the desktop.