Xbox 360 Controller Review

Remember how bad the original Xbox controller was? Check out the Xbox 360 contoller review below.

The 360 controller is one of, if not the, most ergonomically comfortable console controllers on the market.

  • Controller has a sturdy design and is built to last
  • Controller is practical and quite comfortable
  • Controller can operate on both PC and console games perfectly on top performance
  • Some xbox 360 controllers are encountering joystick issues after a few months of usage
  • Does not suit well for players with smaller hands
  • The right analog squeaks light and the D-pad could be more precise

Carrying a retail price of for (check price), the Xbox 360 Controller is currently available in only one color, and it plugs in via the console’s USB port. The controller’s cable measures in at nine feet and has a breakaway component that keeps the console from falling if someone trips on the wire. The USB connection poses a problem; the system has only three USB ports, one of which is on the back of the console. In order to hook up four controllers (the maximum allowed by the system), at least one has to be wireless.


The design encompasses left and right analog sticks and triggers, the control pad, and the face buttons that are in the same spots, constructed rather similarly. The start and back buttons have been moved to the center, flanking the new guide button, which allows access to your gamer card at any time.

Removed from the older controller are the black and white buttons and taking their place are the left and right bumpers, which make their home on the top of the controller in front of the triggers. The slight changes have resulted in a nearly perfect design; not only is the controller great for 360 games, but you may just prefer the new layout for the backward compatible Xbox One titles, as the bumpers are better located than the black and white buttons.

On the bottom of the controller is a headset input. You can plug in any headset with a 2.5mm jack (standard for cell phone headsets), but the input is form-fitted to accept the Xbox 360 Headset, which has built-in volume and mute buttons. Compared to the wireless controller, this model is slightly lighter and less bulky due to the absence of a battery pack at the back of the controller.


The performance of the Xbox 360 Controller on the console is phenomenal, with instantaneous response time. The controller syncs with the system much faster than the wireless controller, and the force feedback is a bit stronger.

On the PC, the controller performs more than admirably. Once you download the software from Microsoft, the controller will work with any controller-compatible game. As long as the game you’re playing allows you to customize button usage (most do), the controller ranks among the best available for the PC. Games specifically designed to work with the controller can also make use of the headset input and the force feedback.

All said and done, the Xbox 360 Controller is one of the best-designed and best-performing controllers on the market.