Best PC Controllers for Gaming in 2019

We review the best PC gaming controllers for 2019, checking out game pads from Sony, Microsoft & Razer we select our top choices. From budget to high-end we mashed every controller out there on our hunt for the ultimate gaming control pad for PC gamers, check out our guide below.

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Best PC Controller (Overall)

  • ​Great look and feel
  • ​Built-in speaker
  • ​Highly sensitive motion sensors
  • ​Share and option buttons are a little bit too far away
  • ​Track pad has some minimal deficiencies
  • ​Requires unofficial software for PC use

Since its release back in 2013 together with the PS4 console, there have been plenty of updates to the controller since then, with also plenty of potentially better designs from rival tech companies. Regardless, years down the line after its inception, it’s still just as appealing to the eye as it is to the hands.

With its notable ergonomic design, the game-play is definitely topnotch and intuitive, making you feel comfortable. Just like the rest of the design, the buttons have a buttery quality thus the response time is excellent ​crowning the it the best controller for PC gaming in 2019.

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The DualShock trackpad is what’s sets it apart from similar controllers. Acting like a button itself, it’s more like a diving board as there’s a space between the end of the button and the body of the controller.

Alternative PC Controller

Microsoft Xbox Elite

  • The Elite is absolutely versatile as a result of the interchangeable sticks and four extra button
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Hair triggers
  • Navigation in the app is cumbersome
  • Not rechargeable
  • Paddles aren’t macro buttons

Regardless of the lavish and pro-only price suggests, the Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless controller has an appealing look that every gamer can enjoy. Its rubberized grips coupled with a cool touch finish and stainless-steel components makes the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller one of the most comfortable controllers in the market.

The controller has paddles located on the back that when assigned the function of any face button, it helps control sensitivity levels. In addition, the control pad works on PCs running Windows 7 or higher, simply by plugging it in. The ease of use and ergonmic design make the Xbox Elite our top runner up for the best pc gaming controller. If you want a hassle free controller for PC gaming then grab the Xbox elite as it requires NO additional software setup – it just works in Windows.

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Quite possibly the best controller for PC gaming, if you’re not a fan of PlayStation controllers, grab this controller and get button mashing.

Best Razer Controller

Razer Wildcat

  • Lightweight
  • Built-in audio controls
  • Easy to program / Useful and intuitive extra buttons
  • Handgrips not built to perfection
  • Swapping out triggers requires a tool / Limiting the D-pad
  • Expensive

Inclusive of four re-mappable extra buttons and built-in audio controls and optional grips designed to keep you glued all the time, the razer wildcat is definitely geared towards professional gaming. Coming with a ton of useful features for competitive players, this premium pad is a gem worth having, despite a few design drawbacks which keep it from being truly ready for the big leagues.

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The Razer wildcat Xbox One and PC controller is built for those with e-sports aspirations.

Best Steam Controller

Steam Controller

  • Highly configurable control mapping
  • Can be used to control mouse-keyboard games
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer make for superb motion control
  • Niche utility and a big learning curve
  • Not as precise as keyboard and mouse
  • The design isn’t very comfortable

When it first came out, the Steam Controller brimmed with potential. The atypical touchpad setup and customization options set the Steam controller on top. Precision on mouse and keyboard was also a guarantee courtesy of the touchpads’ tweakable sensitivity.

However, its distinguishing feature is the loud out system. The Steam Controller lets you customize what each button and axis do on a game-by-game basis. You can then share any control scheme you make with the Steam community.

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Hands down the best steam gaming controller, well built and reasonably priced. If you’re not invested in any of the console form factors, check out this controller.

Best Cheap PC Controller

Xbox 360 Controller

  • Well supported in games
  • Cheap / well made
  • Wireless and wired options
  • D-pad is not great
  • Not rechargeable, without buying extras
  • Older design

The controller’s cable measures in at nine feet and has a breakaway component that keeps the console from falling if someone trips on the wire. The USB connection poses a problem; the system has only three USB ports, one of which is on the back of the console. In order to hook up four controllers (the maximum allowed by the system), at least one has to be wireless.

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The Xbox 360 Controller is currently available in only one color, and it plugs in via the PC’s USB port.