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ICONTROLPAD review the latest gaming hardware, from ​Control Pads to Gaming Laptops and Mobile Gaming, we help gamers make informed purchase decisions and have the best gaming experience possible.

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In-Depth Gaming Hardware Reviews

In-depth gaming hardware buying guides designed to help gamers make informed purchase decisions without spending days performing research.  

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ICONTROLPAD research and review the best gaming hardware and games available allowing gamers to quickly find and research the best gaming hardware without wasting days of time performing their own research. We constantly assess the market and keep our guides up to date and valid, unlike other blogs we don't churn out post after post we build "Evergreen Reviews" where each page is continuously updated, ensuring our readers are always reading up to date FRESH reviews.

High quality, well researched and ALWAYS updated gaming hardware review guides

Let's face it, there is nothing worse than searching for a new piece of gaming hardware and finding an out of date guide with products from last year. We make it our mission to always audit and update our guides to provide you with the best information possible.

Reviews by Gamers for Gamers

We are a small team of gamers who review products for gamers, with everything from mobile phone control pads to the best gaming laptops, we have everything you need as a gamer. We focus on what matters for the gamer and provide honest unbiased reviews. 

We Love Gaming and We Love Helping Gamers

We love playing video games, and we have played games for YEARS (since we had to load them from cassette tapes!). We start ICONROLPAD as a place to share our reviews and experiences to help gamers make informed purchase decisions.