What Would You Say, You Do Here?

At ICONTROLPAD (ICP) we believe there is a better way to buy hardware, with dedicated research and testing we help gamers buy the right hardware with our unbiased in-depth reviews, written by gamers for gamers. Our mission is to become the authority on gaming hardware reviews for both Console & Gaming Hardware. We’re excited to simplify Gaming Hardware for everyone through our buying guides and comprehensive knowledge base.

Where Did The Name ICONTROLPAD Come From?

The site started originally when Jamie Nasser was on the hunt for the best PC gaming controller for flying jets on the original battlefield game and button mashing with his friends on beer fueled street fighter battles! The name stands for Internet Control Pad, or ICP for short 🙂 Despite the name we review all gaming hardware from control pads and gaming mice to the best gaming laptops in our in-depth buyer guides.

What's Your Slogan All About?

Button mashing since 1982. Nintendo invented the first control pad in 1982, and some of our team have been using controllers since the 1980’s, so we thought it would be a fun slogan for ICONTROLPAD. That’s all there is to it…

Our Values



We provide clear, honest ad concise buying guides and resources for gaming.

Give Value

Give Value

Above all else we aim to provide value in what we create here, through guides.



We give back to the community through our knowledge base guides.



Possibly the most import value of all, we are gamers and we write guides for gamers.

Is This Your Full Time Job?

No, none of our team work on this site as their full time job. However, as we have evolved as a site we have built strict editorial processes and we do take a small cut from the hardware and games we review or recommend here. But, this will never, EVER affect the hardware we recommend for our gaming family (that’s you the readers).

Our Team, Meet the Gaming Addicts...

Olivia Huntington


Olivia typically spends her time making sure our content meets our strict editorial guide lines (and enjoys correcting Jamie's grammar). In her free time she enjoys Snowboarding & playing Overwatch.

Jamie Nasser

Hardware Expert

Jamie is a hardware geek, enjoys overclocking, cooling and playing with the latest gaming hardware. In his free time he enjoys playing CS GO and playing guitar.

Mark Simpson


Mark keeps ICONTROLPAD on the Internet. Geeking out over server optimization and page loading times. In his free he enjoys car racing and playing WoW, Overwatch.

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