Best iPhone Bluetooth Controllers for iOS

We review the best game controllers for iOS which you can use on the iPhone / iPad / Apple TV. If you are planning to purchase a Bluetooth iOS control pad or a phone mount controller we have everything you need to know before purchasing below.

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Best iOS Bluetooth ControlPad

  • Good compatibility
  • Bluetooth Controlpad
  • No phone stand

The Steelseries Nimbus is compatible with many devices including the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac. The connection is made through the lightning cable or a wireless Bluetooth. If you plan on mounting your phone on the controller you will need an after market stand.

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Our pick for a iOS ControlPad, this controller is especially suited to gamers who like the Xbox controller form factor.

Best iPad Controller

Game Vice Gamepad

  • Portable
  • Made for iPad
  • Expensive

The Game Vice controller is another great option to consider as it is handheld and can be carried anywhere while playing. This is a portable game controller and can be folded when it is not in use. This game controller is designed for iPhone as your phone just fits into the controller while operating the controller. If you are planning to purchase a game controller for your iPad or iPhone, then you can definitely check out this game controller especially for iPad. This game controller is available in all Apple stores and is definitely suitable for all models of iPhone and iPad. You can also test and try this game controller at any Apple Store. If you need a handheld game controller for your iPad, you can definitely choose this one as it would suit perfectly for your iPad.

The Game Vice controller is another great option to consider, well made and built for specifically for iPad.

Best Budget

EVO VR Gamepad Pro Flip Bluetooth Controller

  • Flip up phone stand
  • Cheap
  • Works on Android
  • Poor compatibility

The EVO VR Gamepad Pro Flip Bluetooth Controller is a Xbox style budget mobile Gamepad with a flip up phone stand. It is designed as a modern game controller with all the latest technologies. This  controller can be used for both Android and apple devices.

The EVO VR Gamepad Pro Flip Bluetooth Controller is a Xbox style budget mobile Gamepad with a flip up phone stand.

Best SteelSeries

Steelseries Stratus Bluetooth Gaming Control

  • Well made
  • Fits in your pocket
  • No phone stand

Steelseries Stratus Bluetooth Gaming Control: A small well made Bluetooth controller that fits in your pocket.

Best Xbox Clone

PXN 6603 Bluetooth Gamepad

  • Phone stand
  • Battery life
  • Xbox shape
  • Compatibility
  • Shiney plastc not for everyone

The PXN 6603 boasts of a lithium rechargeable battery offering 10 hours of play time and a phone holder, an excellent choice for Xbox controller fans.

Types of Game Controllers

Given below are two basic types of game controllers. All the brands of game controllers fall under any one of the two categories. Both the categories do function well and provide a user friendly experience.

• The first category of game controllers consists of an inbuilt phone stand in order to place your phone on the stand while playing a game. This feature makes it handheld, easy and comfortable to use. This category of controllers can be connected only to certain IOS devices and the connection is done through a lightning conductor. This conductor can use the power of your device in order to supply power products to charge the gaming controller.

• The second category are Bluetooth controllers, this category of game controllers can be connected to various devices such as IOS, MAC and Apple.

It is important to select a perfect game controller, which would support your device and is comfortable and easy to use. You can also compare the prizes of each model.
Given below are some of the top best game controllers for iPhone / iPad / Apple TV. All the features and functionalities are listed below. If you are planning to purchase a game controller for any of the above mentioned devices, you can consider any one of them


All the above mentioned types of game controllers can work well with iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. There are some game controllers which do not support a particular version of the device because the game controller would have been developed with new technologies and the particular version of the device would have been outdated. It is necessary to analyze all such things and then pick a product for yourself. If you choose the right one, it would provide the best gaming experience ever.