Best PC Games for Control Pads

Best PC ControlPad Games

There is nothing wrong with playing your PC games with keyboard and mouse but, there is something about using a controller on PC that makes the experience, fun. PC’s have interesting hooks built into them, one of the most notable hooks that took gamers by storm is the integration of Xbox with windows, which is arguably the most prominent operating system. If you’re looking for a new control pad, check our review of the best PC gaming controllers for 2019.

So whether you want to use that Xbox controller on your PC or have a great control pad you want to test on PC, here are some recommendations for some of the best games on PC you can play with a control pad.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Don’t we all love Batman? Arkham Knight is an interactive third-person game that a keyboard and mouse doesn’t seem to compliment. Sure the mouse offers a good camera control view, but the character control using a gaming pad is as smooth as it gets.

Full analog is especially useful for movement and stealth actions. What better way to turn the Bat-mobile into “combat mode” than using the analog stick by turning it through 360 degrees. The game not only has a fresh and new sense of superhero games, it has built up heavily on strike and counter strategy. Grab your PC controller and explore islands of the dark in an intermittently stormy Gotham, lit by neon lights from popular landmarks like the Wayne Towers and Ace chemicals.

Dark Souls 3

This critically acclaimed series continues to push the boundaries with its genre-defining chapters. Dark souls three is one of those games that leave you with an aftertaste wishing for more. The thrilling combat, engaging level design, and a commendable storyline it doesn’t get better than that.

You get the chance to experience all this with a control pad. If it sounds like am exaggerating, trust me, that’s not even half of it. The precise combat a gaming controller adds to the experience is almost sensual.

Final Fantasy XIV

This massive multiplayer role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix is yet another game that has been relentlessly producing new and unique content for both online and offline gamers. As you progress through the game, gain more EXP and unlock new combat moves, you’ll want to have a gaming pad with you.

From defending your location from other invading forces, battling the notorious monsters, culling wildfires, participating in an event to assaulting enemy forces, you can’t get enough of it.

If you previously played the game without a controller then you are in for a treat. It’s well worth your time to explore the game using a controller. It might seem like massive multiplayer online games are not the best fit for controllers, but it’s almost as if Square Enix purposefully made Final Fantasy XIV for gaming controllers.

Neir: Automata

Automata is intentionally built for control pads which makes it one of the best fit for this list. The game has numerous combinations some of which are nothing short of awkward to pull off on a keyboard and mouse.

The camera is simply not calibrated for a mouse. Other movements such as dodging, for example, requires you to double tap W, S, A or D. It’s safe to say that you’ll be missing half of Neir’s gaming experience without a controller pad. The game occasionally requires you to shoot down things and the lack of an analog controller might make the game expendable in the long run due to its renowned hard levels.

Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the most popular PC games in the world and the weight a controller carries in reverence to the overall experience for this game cannot be sold with any amount of words. The description of the game says it all, “vehicular soccer PC video game”

The game might not have much of a storyline but it largely requires the player to hit the ball using rocket cars and drive the ball toward the opponent’s goal while at the same time trying to push off other cars off the ball. For a game implicative to demolition derbies, that’s a lot of movement and a keyboard won’t cut it.


Other notable mentions include Bayonetta a game that rests on the pedigree of Devil May Cry, Street Fighter 5, and Nioh one of the most brutally difficult games. There is a myriad of games you can play with a controller pad on PC so before you invest your time and money on anything you might regret, try out our top picks.

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