You can now map iControlPad controls to native iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) Apps using the Cydia App Bluetrol!

Created by none-other than Matthias Ringwald, the man responsible for BTStack, and available for $6.99 on Cydia; Blutrol allows you to bind the iControlPad's controls to virtual screen presses, allowing you to use the iControlPad with almost any game avaliable for iOS. Over 100 have already been tried by our forum members, and are listed below.

At the moment only iCade mode is supported, so that means no analogue controls yet, but native iControlPad support is on its way and is set to really be the "Gamechanger" we've been waiting for. It will, quite literally, change the way you game.

Follow the Blutrol discussion on our forums to find out more.

Blutrol mapping for Soul Calibur Blutrol mapping for Fifa 12 Blutrol mapping for RodLand Blutrol mapping for Sonic CD Blutrol mapping for Double Dragon Blutrol mapping for Camcomgame Street Fighter Arcade

Image credit to our forum users: Niks,BleachOne

Blutrol Guide

If video is your cup of tea, watch this excellent tutorial by SonicAdvDX, one of our forumites. It'll tell you absolutely everything you need to know.

To get started using Blutrol you first need a screenshot of the game you want to map, so you can see where the controls should go.

Start your game of choice, and navigate your way through the menus until you're in-game, with the on-screen controls showing. Snap a screenshot by pressing both the power button and home button at the same time.

Start the Blutrol App, you can't miss it on the Springboard; it's blue.

  • Hit the "+" button at the top right to configure a new game.
  • Select "Game".
  • Choose the name of the game you've just taken a screenshot of.
  • In the "Screenshots" section, hit "Portrait" or "Landscape" depending on the screenshot's orientation.
  • Choose the screenshot from the Camera Roll.
  • In the "Controls" section hit either "Portrait" or "Landscape" again depending on the screenshot's orientation.
  • The screen should now show your screenshot, along with the iCade Controls* at the bottom. The joystick is on the left side (the largest circle) and the eight buttons on the right.
  • Drag these controls over the top of the virtual controls for the game. Use a pinch gesture to resize the joystick. Leave controls which are not used outside of the screenshot.
  • Hit "Done" once you have dragged all the needed controls into place.
  • Close the Blutrol App
  • If you haven't already, open up settings and pair your iControlPad in iCade mode (Hold A+X+B and Start).
  • Start your game, and play using the freshly mapped iControlPad!

Recommended/Supported Games (See forum Post)

Thanks to BleachOne for compiling this list linked above.

Thanks to Lumothesinner from the TouchArcade forums for compiling the one below in this thread.


Side Scrolling Beat'em'up

Side Scrolling Shooter





3d action







  • GPSP (gba emu for jailbreak)
  • PSX4all (ps1 emu for jailbreak)

Games Which Kind Of Work

  • GTA 3 (floating dpad issue)
  • NBA Jam (floating dpad issue)
  • FIFA 12 (Floating dpad and button inputs may require swipes
  • Hero of Sparta 2 (not a floating dpad but it has that issue where it needs two inputs before it starts to recognize them)
  • Dungeon Hunter 2 (same thing)
  • Space Miner

Games Which Don't Work

  • Dragon Lair SD
  • Paperboy Special Delivery
  • LightBike Online
  • Karate Champ
  • Grokion (stick doesn't move far enough)
  • Robo Rush
  • Galaxy on Fire 2
  • OMG! Pirates