• The worlds smallest, lightest and fully functional bluetooth gaming controller
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S2 and many, many more
  • iCade emulation for over 30 compatible App Store games (no jailbreak required!)
  • Dual analogue nubs, digital D-Pad, 6 face buttons and 2 rear buttons
  • Bluetooth connection with HID keyboard, joystick and gamepad modes
  • Universal Metal Clamp, for attaching it securely to almost any phone
  • Dual analogue on your iPhone without jailbreaking!
  • Internal 1360mAh rechargable battery, with support for charging your phone via USB
  • Upgradable firmware, new features can be added and restrictions bypassed
  • Exclusively made in the UK and Germany


In The Press

Reviews rated 5 / 5 based on 11 reviews of the iControlPad

"I feel that the iControlPad significantly increases the fun value of supported games and the price is well worth it. " - ifans.com

"Pairing the iControlPad with your jailbroken iPhone or Android handset is blissfully straightforward" - PocketGamer.co.uk

"The gaming controls are well laid out and exactly what one needs to play classic or modern games" - User review at gdgt.com

"The iCP is a pretty neat idea. Its inventors should be applauded for trying to make it compatible with as many devices as possible…" - http://piecesoeight.blogspot.com/

"The iControlPad brings a wealth of controls to your table, filling in the painful lack of gaming controls on any compatible mobile device." - Gadgetoid

"The iControlPad is a nifty little device that almost perfectly solves the touchscreen game control conundrum" - The Register

"the iControlPad unquestionably delivers a far superior game experience than any manner of on-screen D-pad." - Touch Arcade

"kick some in-game butt before you run out of bubblegum" - Engadget

"Easy-to-implement source code for developers" - ZodTTD

"At long, long last the iControlPad - a hardware gamepad for the iPhone - can be bought" - Wired

"[The iControlPad] allows for a controller similar to the PSP, in order to play smoothly not only with a lot of apps, but also with arcade as it is compatible with a dozen emulators." - techonthebed.blogspot.com (Italian)

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