The iControlPad connects wirelessly with your mobile phone, so it can be used with almost any modern smartphone, tablet or computer.

For several years we have thought that separate handheld games consoles are becoming obsolete - modern Smartphones and tablets are often more powerful than the latest cutting edge 'gaming' handhelds, so why not just add controls and take advantage of this?

From the very beginning we wanted compatibility which has never been seen before in a joypad, so the iControlpad is the first and only controller which can be used on phones, computers, tablets and consoles. It can function as a mouse, a keyboard, an HID joypad, and even emulate the iCade.

The iControlPad also contains a flash chip meaning the software on it can be upgraded to add new features as necessary.

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In order to make it work with touch screen phones a clever universal holder system was developed which allows it to hold almost any Smartphone. Just set it to the height of your Smartphone and you're ready to play, it looks simple but it took 2 years to get it right - and if you ever buy a new phone: No need to throw your iControlPad away, just adjust to fit your new Phone!

It also comes with rubber sides so you can use it as a normal controller, in this mode you can either fold away the Universal Holder or remove it completely.

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Charge your phone

The iControlPad includes a built-in 1350mAh battery which powers the controller itself, but a compatible USB OTG adaptor allows you to connect your phone directly to the iControlPad for a battery boost. On many phones this can significantly extend your play time.