UltraWide VS Dual Monitors: What’s Best?

UltraWide vs Dual Monitors

For gamers and average pc users alike, it can be a difficult to find the right monitor set up to maximize efficiency and also suit all of your needs. Just about everyone knows that one monitor is no longer going to cut it, but choosing between getting a 144hz monitor for gaming, or a couple of 4K monitor’s to turn your setup into a dual screen set up, can be difficult. Lots of people have personal preferences when it comes to monitor setups, and though friendly advice can help you make an informed decision, you ultimately need to know all the facts to be able to decide what works best for you!

Dual Monitor Setup

One of the easiest deciders on whether to get dual monitor vs ultrawide, is price. Usually, if you’re looking into a large monitor setup, it’s likely that this is not your first setup, and chances are you already own a monitor. So the benefits of dual monitors are obvious, even if two regular monitors are the same as the ultrawide monitor setup, chances are you already own one monitor.

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If you’re looking to get two new monitors though, dual curved monitors are a great idea. They create an immersive viewing experience for users and also help the user more easily view smaller data on the edge of the screens. If you prefer the classic flat monitor, there are plenty of brands out there for that too. One of the best perks of a dual monitor setup is the ability to place things into full screen on that monitor, as opposed to trying to divvy up space on one large monitor. This can be helpful if you want to watch and play, or chat and watch, or any combination of multitasking, especially because most games need at least one full monitor to function.


​Having a massive monitor can be very appealing, since it allows for one large workspace instead of two. Lots of people have said that the widescreen monitor has helped productivity, but it’s actually the amount of space that helps productivity.

One of the most appealing parts of the ultra widescreen monitor is that there is a continuous workspace. The dual screen experience was pretty innovative years ago, but now it can be too clunky and obnoxious to work with. Trying to slide a page over to the side of one monitor, then it jumps over to the other, can be infuriating. Another area in which the ultra wide excels is in gaming. Having a super wide screen to be able to play on can be a hypnotizing experience, when graphics are turned to max.

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How About Both?

If you can’t decide between the two options, why not compromise and do both? You could do dual ultra wide monitors, or dual widescreen monitors, but you could also do one of each.

Having both the ultra wide and the widescreen allows for all the perks and nearly none of the cons. If you’re looking for the ultrawide for gaming, you still have that to be able to full screen and immerse yourself in the game, but you no longer have to sacrifice your ability to multitask, and can have a great experience while still being able to work on something on the side.

If you are an ultrawide purist, you’ve likely already seen the big flaw though. With this setup, you will still end up with the classic dual monitor problem of pages snapping across. Depending on what you really want, the combination might defeat the point of the ultrawide, but when it comes down to it, it’s really about personal preference and what you feel best using.


Overall, making the decision of ultrawide monitor vs dual monitor can be difficult, in that each setup has its own pros and cons, but between gaming, working, streaming, chatting, or watching, having the extra space has become invaluable for every pc user. Making informed decisions on purchases is so important in this day and age of virtual shopping, so you don’t end up getting poor products that don’t work, but it also comes down to forming your own opinion about products. Research will help you a lot and we recommend you check out our top monitors for 2018, but it could also be good to go to stores and try their setups, and check out what friends have, so that you can get your hands on the tech and see what you feel comfortable with before buying something that you might not actually enjoy.

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