Intel Core i5 vs i7 for Gaming

i5 vs i7 for Gaming

If you are passionate about your gaming experience, you may be looking for a gaming system that has the best hardware and software in the industry today. Therefore, it is important that you do your homework before you make your next purchase.

Having said that, it is important that every piece of hardware that makes up your gaming system is chosen with a certain strategic advantage in mind. One gaming part, in particular, is the CPU (Central Processing Unit), which is the brain of your gaming system. So, when you make your choice, you need to know well in advance the functions that this hardware plays in detail. Without this information, you may end up with a gaming system that keeps you from performing at your ultimate potential.

For this reason, you should always know which CPU is the best for your gaming system, the Intel Core I5 or the Intel Core I7? Here’s what we have found out thus far and what you should know about applying it to your set-up.

Which CPU (Intel Core I5 or the Intel Core I7) is best for Your Gaming System?

To simplify this response and avoid any confusion, the answer is relatively simple to provide and explain. First of all, the Intel Core I7 has been designed to be the ultimate solution in today’s gaming systems. However, there is at least one caveat that you need to know, and that is the Intel Core I5 is really all you need, especially because there is only a slight difference in the performance between the two. And, it really comes down to the amount of money that you can afford to pay. Yes, do you have the big bucks or do you need to keep a little money back for other essential things that you need?

Head to Head Performance

As previously mentioned, if you have decided to upgrade or build a new gaming system, you need to know what parts will best serve your own unique purposes. This is especially true when you have your eyes out on putting together a gaming system that can be classed as a mid-range to the more powerful high-end gaming PCs available on the market today. Whatever the case or situation, you need to know and understand what it means to secure precisely what you need for your ultimate gaming experience.

Hence, with a basic comparison of the aforementioned 2 CPU options, you may want to start your personal venture out with a benchmark. To get the most accurate information from those who are excellent players with over the top systems, you may want to begin your quest by checking the performance based on UserBenchMark.

Though Userbenchmark may not always be the best measure for certain things, it is definitely a good start for those who simply want to know a comparison between the two different models, the I5 vs I7 for gaming. Specifically, since these tests are performed by hardcore geeks who are dedicated to providing feedback on thousands of PC parts like CPUs, the information that you will ascertain can help everyone to make an informed decision.

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What About using Userbenchmark Reporting to Identify the Performance Distinctions Between the Two?

Well, let’s see what we can discover. First of all, since userbenchmark will give the prospective user an overall impression of what has happened when testing them in practice, this is a good way to find out which one of the models is better than the other.

According to the latest CPU performance that relates to both the i5 and the i7 models, there is only a slight difference and it can be found in the intel core i7 model. To pinpoint the actual gap between these two powerful 8th generational models, in practice, the intel core i7 was simply described as leaving i5 in the dust. In specific, when it comes to how it out ranks and performs well in the area of multi-tasking. Also, for those who are interested, this major difference is based on the newest and most recent innovative technology in the industry, which is now called hyper-threading technology. With this newly released designed hyper threading technology, it doubles the amount of multitasking that can be done. Consequently, the intel core i7 can outperform the intel core i5 model in the area of multi-tasking very easily.

When to Choose Intel Core I7 versus Intel Core I5

For those of you who need a rule of thumb for making this type of purchase, you should pay close attention to the type of gaming systems that you are trying to build. For instance, if you are planning on building one of the most powerful gaming systems on the market or a workstation, you should choose the i7 hands down. However, you should also be prepared to buy additional hardware to support this powerful system if you are looking for ultimate performance. For instance, you should buy multiple high-end cards to support this design or the extra capabilities will be negligent.

Biggest Gap is the Price

When researching the major differences between the two models, the distinctions that stood out most is the price. Simply put, if you decide to choose the Intel Core i7 to the Intel Core i5, you may be paying an extra one hundred dollars for the experience.


While both the Intel Core i5 and i7 are on the charts as the top choice CPUs for today’s gamers, when stacked against each other the differences are said to be negligible in boosting gaming power. Even for those that will be building mid-range to high-end gaming system experiences, the increase in power is usually not worth it. According to several credible gaming experts, the real difference that has been identified is the price that is attached to both. With the intel core i7 being the highest in price, by as much as a hundred dollars extra, the decision to buy is really left up to the individual.

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