The new iControlPad universal holder brings compatbility to hundreds of new devices.

Introducing the new universal holder, a simple and secure way of clamping your device (with or without a protective case) to the iControlPad using absolutely no moving parts.

New iControlPad universal metal phone holder

How it works

The universal holder contains two parts:

  • A metal bar
  • The custom made plastic push-rivet

It also includes foam pads to ensure a tight fit and an unblemished phone.

Just select the length that gives the best fit for your phone and use the push-rivet to secure the metal bar to that little hole you might have noticed in the back of your iControlPad.

Once secured, you don't have to remove it to insert or release your phone. Just pop off a rubber end-cap and slide it right in.

To store the iControlPad, you can simply rotate the universal holder through 90 degrees so it sits safely out of the way.

If you've been holding out for a clamp to fit your phone, this is probably it. And if your device is too narrow or wide to fit out of the box, it's dead simple to drill another hole.

Removing the Universal Holder

Once you've got over the fear of breaking something, removing the universal holder is simple. Just pop the pin in with a biro, and pull the top of the holder towards the front of the iControlPad. It should pop right out.

iControlPad & Universal Holder

The iControlPad, clamp set 1, rubber sides, manual and USB cable.

The iControlPad & Universal holder.

  • iControlPad
  • Rubber Sides
  • Universal Holder with push rivet and foam pads
  • USB Cable
  • Manual

Works with iOS, Android, iCade apps and most other BT supporting devices. Shipping from approx. 21st Aug.

$68.49 / £42.99 / 47.99€

Universal Metal Holder

Metal holder.

Use the iCP with just about any phone, clips on to back.

  • Universal iCP metal holder, with foam pads and 2 push rivets. Shipping from approx. 21st Aug.

$9.99 / £6.99 / 7.25€