Best 4K TV Gaming for 2019

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Let's face it, if you're a gamer you NEED a ​LG Electronics OLED65E8PUA 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2018 Model) when playing games on the PS4 Pro or Xbox. While gamers can typically hook up the gaming console to any standard 1080p TV, any experienced gamer knows that the experience to be had on a 4K TV is on another level. We have come a long journey from the previous PlayStation’s and Xbox’s current generations of consoles, that were HD ready but did not possess the HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology that was just joining 4K to the TV industry.

A few years later with the advent of technology, the console manufacturers have produced consoles that boast the ability to output both HDR and 4K for all your gaming and video requirements. Aside from this being wonderful news for the quality of your gaming experiences, it puts pressure on you to match it with a TV that matches these abilities. A gaming console can possess all the power in the universe, but it is of no help if it's attached to a TV that has input lag and poor pixel to pixel response.

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Presently, manufacturers have invented new models to substitute the outdated ones. Generally, the new models incorporate faster response time, lower input lag, and accept several input signals, which is essential for gaming. Additionally, other 4K models have unique gaming features such as optional motion interpolation with significantly low input lag, variable refresh rate, and optional black frame insertion. The following is an extensive analysis of the best 4K TV for gaming.

The Top ​5 4K TV's for Gaming








LG Electronics OLED65E8PUA 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2018 Model)




Samsung QN55Q8FN FLAT 55' QLED 4K UHD 8 Series Smart TV 2018




Sony XBR49X900E 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model), Works with Alexa

​4K ​UHD Smart LED TV



Samsung UN55NU8000FXZA Flat 55' 4K UHD 8 Series Smart LED TV (2018)

​ 4K UHD 8 Series Smart TV



LG Electronics OLED55B7A 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2017 Model)

​4K ​UHD Smart OLED TV


1. LG OLED65E8 65’’


  • ​Astonishing contrast
  • ​Wide range HDR support
  • ​High frame rate support
  • The potential for screen burn


It is the leading 4K gaming TV that you can purchase. Over the last two years, the OLED technology has been famed as the best gaming display option. The OLED technically tackles the technology’s response time, noise and brightness issues. The current OLED technology combines the game friendliness with its contrast prowess. This TV ability to generate flawless deep and rich black colors makes it perfect to play horror games or shooters that are mostly set in dark locations. However, you may be needed to adjust the brightness severally to prevent losing some subtle shading detail in the darkest regions.


It has a screen size of 65-inch, a resolution of 3840 X 21160, and an OLED panel technology. It is also a smart TV that incorporates the LG’s AI ThinQ. The TV weighs 60.8lbs with dimensions of 36 X 57.1 X 8.7. The current model can support 120fps gaming as well as 4:4:4 colors handling for total color precision with the computer game feeds.


The good thing about this 4K TV from LG is that its game mode offers much better brightness in comparison to the competitors. Also, it takes less than 20ms to extract its images when using it in game mode; this is an excellent aspect for a TV. A useful feature concerning this TV is its capability to decode both Dolby Atmos audio streams and Dolby HDR picture formats. Another critical thing to note is that if you don’t mind low audio performance and glamorous designs, you can opt for a cheaper model, LG C8 series.

2. Samsung Q8FN 55”


  • Wonderful LCD contrast
  • It has several gaming features
  • Not suitable for dark scenes
  • Limited viewing angle


It is the perfect midrange 4K gaming TV. Samsung has tried to match LG’s OLED technology by inventing their own QLED technology. Samsung has heavily invested in this technology as the Q8FN uses a direct lighting system (LEDs fitted directly behind the screen), as opposed to the previous edge-based, LED lighting. This invention enables this TV to output a much better contrast performance considering that the direct lighting is linked to the local dimming technology. With this, the LEDs can be made to generate their own light levels independently.


With just $1799, you get a 55-inch TV that boasts a resolution of 3840 X 2160and QLED panel technology. It is also a smart TV with the Samsung’s QSmart technology. The TV weighs 44.1 lbs and dimensions of 48.5 X 30.7 X 9.8.


This TV is perfect for gamers as Samsung has incorporated several useful modern game-specific features. For instance, it includes an Auto Game Switching that typically activates the TV’s Game picture mode whenever a game source is sensed. The automatic switching system possesses the ability to differentiate between when the console or the computer is outputting video. A gaming trick concerning this TV is its variable refresh rate support. This technique allows the TV to adjust its frame rate output repeatedly to match the frame rate being outputted by a game at any given moment. With this, input lag is lowered, and screen tearing is eliminated.

3. Sony X900E 49”


  • Essential HDR support
  • Fantastic value for a direct-lit LCD
  • Annoying Android TV smart engine
  • ​Not the brightest TV for viewing HDR


It is the best entry-level 4K gaming TV that came into limelight in 2017. The TV still has so much to offer with its affordable price of $800. If you buy one now, you will be getting yourself an excellent mid-range TV at an affordable price. Just like the Samsung model described above, the X900E incorporates a direct LED lighting with local dimming. Although the dimming is not as good as that offered by the Q8FN, it is remarkable considering the price of the TV.


It is a 49-inch TV with a resolution of 3840 X 2160. The X900E utilizes the QLED panel technology. It is also an Android smart TV that weighs 30.4 lbs and a dimension of 43.1 X 27 X 9.4.


For those gamers who are on a limited budget, this is the TV to buy as it outputs better contrast performance that you cannot get from any other TV in this price list category. Indeed, an essential contrast performance by a display is necessarily crucial to an exciting HDR gaming picture. For gamers, be sure to come across the Triluminos color system in the X900E series. It utilizes proprietary Sony processing to offer a more subtle and broader color performance than any other 4K TV in its price category. With this, it means that the 4K HDR game images will seem more detailed, rich and vibrant.

4. Samsung NU8000 Series


  • Bright and beautiful colors
  • HDR + mode
  • Frameless trim
  • Bixby hurts more than it helps
  • ​It has motion issues
  • ​Edge-lit LEDement


With lightning fast response time and fantastic colors, the NU800 is a monster in the 4K gaming TV world. If you are searching for a mid-range TV that possesses all the features to play 4K games in HDR without skimping on the visuals, purchase the Samsung NU8000 Series. It might be not as bright and powerful as other options in this list, but it offers its HDR + mode a chance, and you will be amazed by what this underdog TV can perform.


The NU8000 series provides seriously bright yet colorful screens. The TV isn’t a full array, and this means that its control over where the light goes is not faultless. It is a smart TV, and you can thus download and install Samsung SmartThings app. With this TV, a user can comfortably alter the color tone for all inputs. Additionally, the TV is fitted with a 40-watt speaker.


The best thing about this TV is that it is the best colorful mid-range TV set. The TV performs much better upscaling with the assistance of the HDR +mode. The Tizen and Bixby operating system is essential when it comes to offering the best gaming modes. Indeed, buy this gamer if you are a gamer and have a limited budget.

5. LG OLED B7 Series


  • Fantastic HDR pictures
  • Awesome sound
  • Color striping in HDR mode
  • ​Some backlight blooming may occur


This TV boasts an ultra-glamorous design alongside an inbuilt sound bar. Additionally, it will give you a high level of contrast-rich image quality at an affordable price. The TV has an input lag of about 21ms. However, the OLED’s 740 nits of peak brightness typically confine the influence of its HDR pictures in some ways.


It is a mid-range 4K OLED TV with all features needed by a gamer. It incorporates a Dolby Vision as well as a fancy slick design. You can get this TV in both 65-inch and 55-inch sizes. The TV offers better upgrades regarding the HDR performance, not mentioning the new features such as an OLED still image gallery and 360-degree video playback. The screen is fitted with 4 HDMI ports, all HDCP compatible to ensure that it can be utilized in 4K sources including game consoles, set-top box, and UHD Blu-ray player. It also has three fast v3.0 USB inputs.


Generally, the 55” B7 series can be regarded as a large 4K TV. Most gamers prefer it because it provides dynamic and vibrant HDR images, and can deliver profound black depth. Although it is not the sharpest 4K TV in this list, it compensates for this by offering an expansive specification.

Guide to Buying a 4K Gaming TV

With the invention of 4K TVs, picture quality has become brighter, more colorful and crisper. TVs are also becoming much thinner while the screens get much bigger. Now, more and more TVs are incorporating services and features that lower the need for additional devices. In this detailed guide, you will learn more about the most important things to consider when buying a 4K gaming TV.

Size and Setup

When buying a new gaming 4K TV, you should first assess the space that you have in your entertainment room. You should note that the TV screens are measured diagonally, therefore, when you see a screen labeled 70” that is the TV’s diagonal measurement. A 50-inch TV is a good bet for a medium gaming room. Thus, select the perfect size for you keeping in mind the amount that you are willing to spend.


HD resolution or full HD 1080p was previously the typical screen resolution, but this is no longer the case. The market has moved on to embrace the 4K Ultra-HD that offers four times the pixel resolution as the 1080p HD. The larger the display pixel, the better because the TV will output crisper, clear and finer images. However, we also have 8K TVs being sold in the market, but they are mainly meant for professional use or prototype.


HDR denotes high dynamic range and is another aspect that you need to consider in a TV. This technology improves the contrast of a TV picture, and this translates to precise brightness and even finer shades of color for general vibrant images from the TV. The HDR quality varies in formats such as the HDR10 and HDR10+, Hybrid Log Gamma and Dolby Vision. Make sure that you are buying a 4K TV with the best HDR for a fantastic gaming experience.

Smart TV

Another aspect to consider is whether the TV that you intend to buy is Smart or not. The smart TVs connect directly to the internet, either via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi and contain inbuilt streaming apps such as YouTube, HBO, and Netflix. With this ability, you can play games online without connecting your PC. Nonetheless, you should not worry about this since a majority of 4K TVs are Smart TVs.

Refresh Rate

The TV refresh rate is denoted in Hz (hertz), and it shows how many individual frames per second that the TV can display. The primary ways in which the manufacturers refer to the refresh rates are native and useful. The refresh rate of your TV will determine how smooth it displays the motion. For instance, the best refresh rate is between 60Hz and 120 Hz. Anything above 120Hz should be significantly disregarded.


TVs possess a wide range of inputs and outputs, and you will regularly realize TVs has different ports on its side or back panels. The most important input that the TV should bear is the HDMI port as it will be used to connect to the gaming consoles and PCs. A TV that has 3 HDMI ports is good, but the one which has 4 HDMI ports is much better.

Using a Gaming Screen?

Another option for gaming PC owners would be to simply upgrade their PC display to one of the top gaming monitors for 2019 and hook up their games consoles using HDMI port. Gaming monitors are FAR Superior in term of pixel and refresh rate performance.

The last thing to check out for is whether the TV has LCD, LED, OLED or QLED technology. The LCD TVs do not produce their light and thus relies on a backlighting system, and these were used in the early years though.

The OLED displays generate their own light, and thus are much slimmer than the LED TVs and also offer much better black levels and contrast alongside a wider viewing angle.

The QLED technology mostly used by Samsung TVs corrects the blue LED color temperature to generate a purer and white light. This technology enables TV to generate deeper, broader and more accurate colors than the LCD TVs.