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When playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) – you can tweak most in-game and PC settings to get the best possible gaming experience and more importantly THE ADVANTAGE over N00bs players using the standard config. This guide seeks to give you a head start in finding the optimal settings to suit your CS:GO playing style. Most of the tweaks that you will see work by improving on your computer’s frame rate or by reducing graphical rendering latency (anti-aliasing etc). They include mouse settings and graphics settings among other in-game console options. If you’ve not checked out our gaming mouse settings guide, then you should start there.

Recommended Mice for CS GO

​Optimal Input Settings for Accuracy in CS:GO

Before delving any further into the config settings, the first thing to do is check out our best gaming mouse guide, if you’re mouse is a few years old or worse still, not designed for gaming then you should think about buying a new one. And the second thing you HAVE to do is turn off mouse acceleration in windows 10. This feature randomizes movement and makes it inconsistent , which is less than ideal for gaming. Check if mouse acceleration is off in windows. For the keyboard, go for a nice mechanical keyboard that you feel comfortable working with while playing any game. Check if your keyboard registers all your keystrokes each time you press on it. The higher the responsiveness, the better you will perform against your opponents.

​DPI and Sensitivity

DPI (Dots per Inch) refers to the number of pixels that your mouse covers when you move an inch. A high value in this respect does not necessarily increase accuracy, but it influences how sensitive your mouse will be. Professional CS:GO players usually go for low sensitivity settings, and it may take time for you to adjust to if you typically work with higher settings. However, you should see improvements in your general game play and aiming. A DPI of 800 should suffice in making significant improvements in your gaming if you were working with higher numbers initially.

​Polling Rate

Increasing this setting will significantly improve the responsiveness. Generally speaking we recommend you crank this up to the maximum as there is negative side effects from doing so. Polling rate does not directly affect sensitivity but alters the polling interval. As a result, your PC / Laptop will process more mouse input requests.

Crosshair Settings

Crosshair settings are one of the most ignored aspects, especially for new CS:GO players. The fact that you will rarely come across a professional player with the default crosshair setting means a lot. Toggle between the different options to find the setting that suits you most. The one thing that should enhance game play for everyone is opting to use a static crosshair since it is not as distracting as a dynamic crosshair.

​Graphics Settings

Graphics determine the play-ability and performance of a game. In PUBG, you will find different graphics settings, like resolution, which you may need to adjust for a better gaming experience. Other such settings include field of view (FOV), effects, texture and anti-aliasing among others.

​Best Graphics Settings for CS:GO

Graphics are the essential aspect of any game. For the best gaming experience, you should go through the different settings under this area to find the perfect balance for the best gaming experience in CS:GO. Here are some of the graphics settings that you should consider adjusting accordingly.

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The more the brightness, the better, but you need to work with the level that is the most comfortable for you. Also worth noting is the fact that the exact value for this setting depends on both the Windows and monitor settings. The right amount of brightness will help you spot enemies much faster in dark CS:GO scenes.

​Global Shadow Quality

This setting is usually controversial among many gamers. However, it would be wise to work with a high setting. The higher the setting, the easier it should be to see enemies’ shadows and have a slight advantage over them.

​Motion Blur

Motion blur looks like a cool effect during gameplay as it blurs out sudden movements. However, it comes at a cost – you may miss an enemy, giving them a chance to get the drop on you first. Turn this setting off to increase your chance of spotting an enemy as you pan around in the game.

​Vertical Sync

Vertical Sync (V-sync) is a feature responsible for dealing with the screen tearing issue during gaming. It requires some extra resources from your gaming system; thus, it is likely to cause some lag. To avoid this issue, disable V-sync and enable it only when you start seeing significant levels of screen tearing.

​Effect Detail

This setting is responsible for making effects more immersive. By doing so, it may affect your line of sight and take a toll on your frame rate. Keep the effect detail setting at the lowest for the best gaming experience, and set it high if your computer is powerful enough to take a frame rate hit.

​Multi-Core Rendering

Working with additional processor cores translates to better computer performance. As a result, CS:GO will run more smoothly. Ensure you enable multi-core rendering to allow the game to utilize more than one core of your computer’s processors.

​Anti-aliasing (FXA/MSAA)

Anti aliasing is essential when it comes to eliminating any jagged edges in games. However, it increases the blurriness of details, which is something you would not want to experience while playing CS:GO. It also takes a toll of the game’s frame rate. Disable this feature if you want better frame rates in your game.

​Texture Detail

This setting seeks to improve the quality of objects in the game by improving the appearance of details. Texture detail does not affect frame rate, so you can go for high settings. Nevertheless, it is difficult to notice any difference in different settings. For this reason, sticking to low texture detail settings is the way to go.

​Aspect Ratio and Resolution

These settings largely vary from player to player. When it comes to resolution, the recommended thing to do is to set it at the same level as your display. For aspect ratio, it all boils down to personal preference. Most gamers stick to the setting that they initially used.


The default settings in CS:GO are not necessarily the best, explaining why it would be wise to tweak them a bit until you find your sweet spot. Parameters, like brightness and aspect ratio, vary from one individual to the other. Hardware input settings on the mice and keyboards depend on how comfortable you are with the various levels. For things, like anti-aliasing, Vsync, and effect detail – having them low or high affects the game’s frame rate. Tweaking them accordingly will have a significant effect on your game play in CS:GO.


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