Best MMO Mouse 2019

We reviewed the best mice from Razer, Logitech, SteelSeries and corsair to hunt down the best MMO mouse for 2019. We focus this guide on mice specifically for MMO gamers, with everything you need to know when purchasing.

If your a casual gamer or need a mouse for a specific game, check out our best gaming mouse round up.

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Best MMO Mouse Overall

  • High quality, great value
  • Suits various hand sizes and different grip types (clam or palm etc)
  • Multi function (side plates)
  • Smooth motion tracking capability
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Expensive

One of the exceptional selling points of the Razer Naga Trinity above the other iterations is that you can change the side plate depending on the game you are playing. The device features the 12-button layout, that is enough to bring any WoW player to their knees. However, you can switch it out for a simple 2-button layout for FPS gaming or day to day use, or reduce it down to a 7 button MOBA layout.

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The Razer Naga Trinity is an excellent choice for a gamer who switches between genre often (FPS, RPG, MMO) due to the swappable side plates this mouse offers.

Most Buttons

Corsair Scimitar Pro

  • Customizable
  • Lots of buttons
  • Accurate sensor
  • Heavy
  • Big
  • Might be too pricey for some

A mouse with all the boxes ticked… boasting 12 programmable buttons, and 17 total – making it an excellent choice for MMO gamers. The only downside to this mouse is the size, the thing is masssive even for me (I have fairly big hands…) and this mouse still “feels big” to me and it is certainly heavy at 147g. The mouse looks the part with the RGB lighting and the overall build quality feels good (I used the mouse for about 1 week with on and off gaming and general day to day). Another thing I liked about the mouse was the hardware stored profiles, no need for software.

The Scimitar Pro is the perfect choice for MMO gamers who want the most buttons possible (12 programmable and 17 total! It is a big mouse, so better suited to gamers with larger hands. Oh, the RGB model looks awesome as well!

Best Wireless MMO Mouse

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED

  • Fully programmable and customizable buttons
  • Excellent sensor
  • No noticible input lag
  • Cost
  • Best used with mouse mat
  • Not very ergonomic, due to the ambidextrous shape

Besides the price tag there are not many downsides to the G903. When it comes to quality to price ratio they are pretty much in-line. For a device with this level of features and functionalities it is justified to have this kind of a price tag. Design conscious people do argue that the design isn’t exactly aligned with the price tag, but considering what you get under the hood pretty much makes up for that space.

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Hands down the top wireless mouse for MMO gamers on the planet, no noticeable input lag no cable drag and wireless charging when used with the Logitech Lightspeed mouse pad (recommended). If (like us) you’ve put off trying a wireless MMO mouse due to input lag or other wireless related concerns, we recommend you give the G903 a try (we didn’t notice any lag).

Minimal MMO Mouse

Zowie EC2-A

  • Lightweight
  • Comes in different sizes
  • No software
  • No software (less customization)
  • Limited DPI range
  • Less features

Zowie esports mice have dominated the professional CS:GO players the Zowie EC2-A has made a name for itself as the most used CS:GO gaming mouse. But for MMO gamers, is this mouse in the wrong place? Not if you’re looking for a lightweight simple highly accurate mouse with minimal buttons. We recommend this mouse for MMO players who use keyboard macros rather than mapping to mouse buttons.

We recommend the Zowie esports mouse for MMO players who use keyboard macros rather than mapping to mouse buttons.

Best Budget MMO Mouse

Logitech G600

  • Thumb buttons (good for MMO)
  • Buttons allow for customization
  • Feels comfortable / nice weight in hand
  • Not well suited to claw of finger tip grip types
  • The button feel is not as good as the Razer Naga
  • Sensor is not the same level as the DeathAdder

The G600 is our choice for 2019’s best budget MMO mouse, this category also covers MOBA. The G600 has a large amount of highly configurable thumb buttons, while we felt the the middle row buttons were a bit of a stretch (at least for my thumb) when compared to Razer Naga. The Razer Naga also wins on button quality, the mechanical buttons on the Naga just felt “better” than on the G600. That said the G600 is our budget pick, if you don’t want to shell out on the Naga grab the G600, but if you have the budget go with the Naga.

The G600 is our choice for 2019’s best budget MMO mouse for those that need a lot of buttons at a lower price, while still getting a well built and reliable mouse.

If we Had to Choose?

In all honesty any of the mice above will perform well in during fps game play. However, if you had to make me choose I would go with the Razer Naga, it’s a great mouse in terms of quality and accuracy… And with the detachable side panels it could double up for the occasional frag session. If you’re a minimalist (like me) who values simplicity and accuracy above all else, check out the Zowie EC2-A.

If you’re on a super tight budget and need All-The-Buttons then go with the Logitech G600  which is a great mouse for the price but the side buttons did not feel as @[email protected] (for lack of a better word) than the Razer Naga’s. If you don’t want cable all over your desk than check out the Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED, it’s an amazing mouse and is best used with the mouse pad, it performed well for me with no noticeable lag from the wireless.