Razer DeathAdder Elite Review

The Razer DeathAdder Elite – the same great mouse design with an improved sensor.

The best gaming mouse out there for FPS players, the same excellent Razer DeathAdder mouse we know and love with an upgraded sensor, better buttons and a slightly larger design – a fantastic well priced mouse for casual gamers and eSports pros alike.

  • Lightweight, well built
  • Extremely accurate sensor
  • Razer Synapse (it's love or hate)
  • Braided cable (can be stripped)
  • Razer Synapse (it's love or hate)
  • No free-scrolling mouse wheel

The DeathAdder gaming mouse series is by far the most successful and probably the most well known gaming mouse on the market, and it lives up to it’s name snagging our award as the best FPS mouse for 2019. The reason behind the success if their simplistic design, that has been carried from the very first DeathAdder. So lets dive in and perform our review of the Razer DeathAdder Elite. 


DPI / CPI16,000
Weight4.6 ounces
Mouse dimensions2.9 x 1.69 x 5 inches
Buttons7 (mechanical)
SensorOptical (excellent)
Game typeFPS, MMO, MOBA, RTS

The Deathadder Elite comes with a 16,000 CPI optical sensor, seldom will someone boost up the CPIs to that figure, therefore, the biggest hitching factor for the DeathAdder Elite is the addition of the PMW-3366 sensor which has been manufactured by Pixart in collaboration with Logitech. The sensor has been favored ever since it was introduced back in 2014. Some may argue that the sensor is old and may not perform as good as a modern sensor, but those allegations are only limited until you use it and feel the precision that the sensor adds to the DeathAdder Elite. The software of course plays a vital role in adding up to the precision and the overall quality of the device.


The first one is the absence of free-spinning (infinite) scroll wheel, which may not be a big factor for gamers in particular, but it’s helpful for browsing the web or you know… pointlessly scrolling through all your weapons while waiting to spawn on CS GO. Believe it or not, 80% of the bad reviews revolve Synapse (Razer’s driver software). As first-time use requires a user to sign up “online” to create a “cloud account” before using the software.


The design is yet another amazing factor, the finish is matte plastic, giving you a firm grip over the shape of the mouse. If you are someone who gets sweaty hands after holding a mouse for a while, ya’know after hours of combat in battlefield… well, you don’t need to worry at all as the mouse caters well to the sweaty handed gamer just fine. Moving on from sweaty palms… the design is wide enough to easily accommodate large or small handed gamer potentially making it a good mouse for girl gamers. I’m told works well for claw grip or palm grip players (fairly certain I’m palm grip or somewhere in between).

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Weighing just 105 grams, far less compared to its competitors; the Steel Series Rival 700 and Logitech G502, that weigh 135g and 168g, respectively. However, the weight of the mouse is down to personal preference. While professional gamers prefer a lighter and more simple mouse. At the end of the day, you need to decide if you prefer a heavier or lighter mouse, choose the option that feels better to you.

Button response

The buttons are soft and you can get used to the click almost immediately. The tactile response of the buttons are designed in a way to give a feeling of a soft touch while hard enough to prevent them from being pressed accidentally.

Button position

There are two small buttons situated under the scroll wheel that lets you adjust the CPI with a single touch and two buttons situated at the left side, just over the rubber grip for the thumb. The buttons are easily accessible and can be custom programmed for any functionality that one may like.


Overall the Razer DeathAdder Elite is perfect for most gaming setups, but like everything in life there are a couple of negative points that we would like to point out for you.

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