Razer Naga Trinity Review

The 3-in-one MMO gaming mouse

The Razer Naga Trinity is an excellent choice for a gamer who switches between genre often (FPS, RPG, MMO) due to the swappable side plates this mouse offers.


The Razer Naga Trinity is not just suited for one style of play. Thanks to the three interchangeable pieces that fundamentally alter the design and functionality of the mouse. Creating a gaming mouse that can be changed for MMO and MOBA was just a brilliant idea from the Razer. The Razer Naga since its launch has long been well known among MMO players for it’s calculator style side button array. And having more buttons on the edges might be good for MMO games, when your steam friends ask you to hope on for round of CS GO, the last thing you want is that amount of buttons. Razer made the Naga for this very reason… 

The Razer Naga features a 12-button design. Available on amazon for (click for price), the Razer Naga Trinity might be expensive, however, the 5G optical mouse sensor and changeable side plates make it a more versatile gaming mouse. Ultimately, if you are used to playing a lot of MOBAs or MMOs, then you are getting a lot for your money-more especially if you switch between genres regularly. However, if you’re a hardcore FPS player this mouse is just too heavy, see our best gaming mice review for more FPS options.

DPI / CPI16, 000
Weight303 g
Mouse dimensions
119 mm x 74 mm x 43 mm
Buttons12 (mechanical)
SensorOptical (PMW3366)
Game typeFPS, MMO, MOBA, RTS

Design and Features

The Naga’s black and green, classic Razer design looks good in our opinion. The thumb panel is easy to change, thanks to the neatly placed and powerful magnets (no plastic clips). The panel stays in place when gaming, and is easy to remove when you need to, perfect – good job Razer!

One of the exceptional selling points of the Razer Naga Trinity above the other iterations is that you can change the side plate depending on the game you are playing. The device features the 12-button layout, that is enough to bring any WoW player to their knees. However, you can switch it out for a simple 2-button layout for FPS gaming or day to day use, or reduce it down to a 7 button MOBA layout.

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Even though the mouse does not feature the ability to fully customize the lighting on each zone of the mouse like some other products. The Razer Naga Trinity features full RGB lighting, which is customizable with Razer Synapse a little. But, do not expect multi-colored lighting configuration options, if that’s your thing.

The only setback with Razer Naga Trinity is that it lacks any type of customizable weight system, and it’s way too heavy for a serious FPS gamer.



With the Synapse software, you can easily reprogram the buttons, create profiles and change the RGB lighting. Besides, you can use the software to adjust the DPI with a bunch of other technical settings.

The best part of the Trinity is its interface in Synapse. You can easily swap out the panels any time you want and the software will instantly recognize the panels, which are attached. In addition, you can reprogram the buttons in either list or pictorial format.


The Razer Naga Trinity uses the 5G optical sensor providing excellent accuracy with adjustable sensitivity of up to 16,000 counts per inch (CPI). Razer attempted to address a problem with the side buttons by providing bumps that can help guide your finger to the right button, when you’re in the middle of a frantic spell macro combat battle…

Would We Buy It? 

If you’re a gamer who love their MOBAs and MMOs, but occasionally want to jump into an FPS game, it’s a great choice. The Razer Naga is our go to MMO mouse choice for 2024 (and the last 3 years!).