Razer Mamba Review

Razers 2024 Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse with new improved side grips and an updated design.

Excellent build quality, no noticeable input lag, epic battery life, new improved side grips + decent gaming software, make this a solid wireless gaming mouse from Razer.


Wireless gaming mice have come a long way since their unreliable and laggy predecessors. A modern wireless gaming mouse will perform as well as a wired mouse in 2024. Typically, the only drawback is the purchase price and the increased weight from the battery. You’ll also be able to ditch your mouse bungee and no longer worry about cable lag. 

DPI / CPI16,000
Weight121 g
Mouse dimensions
71 mm x 43 mm x 125 mm
Buttons11 (mechanical)
SensorPMW 3389
Game typeFPS, MMO, MOBA, RTS

Design and Features

The Mamba is an excellent all round mouse, good for FPS and MMO players alike. The mouse has programmable buttons that have a precise but comfortable feel, crucial for competitive play. The Razer Mamba has textured grips, which are excellently suited to claw-grip gamers.


Let’s jump straight into the lag performance, it was our biggest concern when reviewing the mouse so it’s bound to be yours as well! After all this is a wireless mouse, it’s going to be a bit laggy… Right? … Wrong. 

Razer has managed to reduce the latency speed and response time of the Mamba to 1ms, and it feels as precise as our wired DeathAdder Elite. Additionally the Mamba offers the standard 1000 Hz polling rate; meaning the mice reports to the computer 1000 times in every single second. Professionals argue that anything above 500 Hz is perfect for your gaming experience.


Additionally, Razer has the new 5G sensor. The sensor can track at 1 DPI increments (no pixel splitting here). The current industry standards stand at 50 DPI mouse increment tracking. However, if it’s too precise you can set the cut-off distance to a level of your preference.

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How it Feels when Gaming

The Mamba feels great in the hand, with a comfortable grip (we tried gaming with claw and palm grip types) and a pleased appearance, we liked the candy shop style design. We wouldn’t want to get this mouse out in a business meeting… but it looks great for gamers.  

The Mamba provides a smooth feeling and and gives you excellent accuracy without the hassle of cables. The 5G sensor provides you with a maximum DPI that is extremely sensitive, useful if your playing at high resolutions.

Battery Life

The Mamba has a 50 hour battery life. Realistically, it is unlikely that you will spend 50 hours gaming on a single charge, and even if you do, you still have an option to connect the Mamba via USB for mid play charging.

Razer Mouse Software: Synapse

One of the Mamba’s strengths lies in their comprehensive Software suite. The good new is Razer Synapse supports PC and Mac. If you’ve owned a DeathAdder before everything is pretty much the same, aside from the side glow strip and Chroma lighting settings.

Within Razer Synapse can set DPI values, profiles and as well toggle using the switcher buttons. Profiles can be game specific, a setting which automatically sets profiles for certain games.

Another win for Razer Synapse is that it is cloud-based. If you game on another machine, you can sign into Synapse and download your settings.

Bottom Line

It ain’t cheap, but it’s well made has no noticeable input lag, epic battery and decent gaming software, making this a solid wireless gaming mouse from Razer… If you’re still not sold on wireless check out our other best gaming mice.