Get started with your iControlPad

Thanks for buying an iControlpad.

Your iControlpad can be used with Android, iOS, Mac and PC.

Firstly, you will need to set up the universal holder, this is very simple, start by estimating the height it will need to be for your phone, and then use the push rivet to connect the holder to the square hole in the back of the iControlpad - you have to push the pin quite hard to click it in.

Next, if you want or need to, use the supplied sticky padding to make a nice snug fit for your phone. If you need to move the push rivet just use a pen to push the pin in, then holding the top pull it towards the iControlpad - the pin should then release. See this video for a detailed demonstration.

If you still need help, please post any problems/issues on the forum and you should get an answer within minutes.

It's always best to post on the forum before directly emailing us as it will be far faster. Only email us first with order related issues.

iPhone/iPad Support

How do I use the iControlPad with App Store games?

For iCade-supporting games, you need to start your iControlPad in iCade mode:

  • Hold down A, B, X + Start
  • The LED should flash quickly three times, confirming the mode change.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth ( regular bluetooth, not BTStack )
  • You should see the iControlPad, pair with it.
  • If it asks for a pin, use 1234
  • Fire up your game of choice
  • Press some buttons!
  • Note: If you don't get the three flashes you may have an older firmware on your iControlpad, this is easily updated, see below.

How do I pair the iControlPad with SNES9X/NES.emu/PCE.emu/MD.emu etc.

Getting the iControlPad to work with Robert Broglia's emulators is simple, if you know how:

  • Turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone/iPad (yes, really)
  • Fire up your emulator of choice
  • Find the: "Scan for WiiMotes/iCP" menu option
  • Power on your iControlPad by holding Start + Y
  • Tap "Scan for WiiMotes/iCP"

With any luck, that should do the trick.

The iControlPad Wont Pair With My iOs Device

Only iCade mode and the keyboard HID mode are supported by your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch unless it is jailbroken.

When using the iControlPad with emulators such as MD.emu, you need not pair it with your iOS device first. Simply fire up the emulator and tap "Scan for Wiimotes/iCP"

Android Support

Apps Can't Access Bluetooth

If your handset does not allow apps to directly access Bluetooth (the app may say 'Bluetooth not accessible') please download and install the free app Bluez IME (from Android Market place).

In your language and keyboard settings allow Bluez IME input, within the Bluez IME interface you will be able to connect the iCP (use SPP mode).

It will now work as a keyboard/input in any app - just redefine the keys as you wish within the app, for example in SNES9X-EX (free iCP supporting app) you can do this in the options menu.

Tutorial Videos

Below are various help videos, we are adding to these on a regular basis.
If you have made a video which you think might be helpful, please let us know on the forum.