Best Gaming Laptop Cyber Monday Deals 2024

Gaming Laptop Black Friday Deals 2024

Looking to enter the world of PC gaming? Perhaps you’re searching for a laptop that can play heavy games while outside? Whatever your reason is, the best time to buy a gaming laptop is on Cyber Monday.

I won’t need to explain every specification per laptop though; I’m here to share to you the most probable brands that will go up on sale. Now is the perfect time for you to research on the laptop you want and get it early because supplies will run out fast and customers will do whatever it takes to be the first in line 

Gaming Laptop Cyber Monday 2024 Deals

Black Friday 2024 Date

So, when does Black Friday 2024 start? It begins on the 29th of November until the 2nd of December (Cyber Monday), although some shops and online stores will start as early as 2 weeks prior to Black Friday itself. But if you were to request a pro tip, I’d say wait until the 29th because that’s when the biggest price drop occurs. 

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Why Go for a Gaming Laptop instead of a Large PC?

If you’re a gamer that’s always on the move and prefers quality games rather than mobile pick-me-ups, a powerful laptop can do extraordinary things; play Cyberpunk 2077 while in a coffee shop, compete in a tight Rainbow Six: Siege match on the airport or enjoy Cool Math Games while doing the laundry. 

To no surprise, Black Friday will introduce lots of great deals on gaming laptops. Here are some of them that are likely to be at the front of the event:

Best Gaming Laptop Black Friday Deals 2024

Razer Blade 15

Hope you don’t drop your jaw if this laptop gets a huge $300 off. It’s expensive as it is but when Black Friday comes, will you want to miss out on this one? The Blade 15 has specs that can rival beefy custom PCs. 

Gigabyte AERO 15

Arguably, the AERO 15 has one of the best screen displays ever made for a gaming laptop. Experts predict that the discount on this one will be $400 off or even more on the day itself. It’s a laptop that includes RTX; what more could you want?


The GL63 was awarded for Best Gaming Laptop 2024 by PCGamer. While I do have mixed feelings about MSI, I can’t deny the power of the GL63; so should you. For less than $800 with a good i7 processor and the latest Nvidia card, this is a great deal – more so when you find this with a $100 discount.

Lenovo Ideapad L340

Ultimately, the Ideapad L340 is a great budget gaming laptop. It can run games from medium high to high settings and the overall performance is beyond good for its price. Expect this to have a $100 discount on Black Friday. 

More Coming This Cyber Monday

These are just examples but once the event comes, you will drool at all the discounts they’ll put on the juicy laptops. As early as now, you need to do your research. 

Jamie Nasser
Jamie Nasser
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