Best PC Gaming Chairs Cyber Monday Deals 2024

Black Friday Deals on PC Gaming Chair for 2024

Whether you prefer racing-style or office-style, gaming chairs have become a massive market ever since the dawn of Let’s Players and live streamers. Now, every “hardcore” gamer wants one even if the asking price is high. For budget specific review read our best gaming chair under $100 for 2024.

For this article, I don’t need to explain each specification for every chair. Instead, I’ll list down the gaming seats that will be hot and ready for this year’s Cyber Monday. The event will start from November 29 to December 2. Although, expect a lot of stores starting up the sales as early as the beginning of November.

Best Gaming Chair Cyber Monday 2024 Deals

Why Buy a Gaming Chair on Cyber Monday?

You know how Pewdiepie goes: “ONLY 399!” He wasn’t kidding with the price; gaming chairs cost as high as $399 and more. Why? Because any accessory labeled “gaming” is twice more expensive than its standard counterpart. 

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And if you feel like your gamer pride is on the line and the only way to secure it is with a good gaming chair, you’ll want to do it so on the Black Friday season. Discounts will go as low as 75% off on selected gaming chairs. And that’s a great price.

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Gaming Chairs to Look Out for on Cyber Monday 2024

RESPAWN-200 Racing-Style Gaming Chair

It is perhaps one of the most underappreciated gaming chairs ever. Compared to its competition, the RESPAWN-200 is much cheaper yet delivers more comfort thanks to meshed backside and non-stiff lumbar controls. 

Arozzi Vernazza Series Super Premium 

It’s big, bold, and beautiful. The Arozzi Vernazza may look intimidating at first but you’ll find it to be a gentle gaming chair. It may look like a Bugatti if it transformed into a chair but its overall comfort is as humble as a sedan. Expect $60 to $90 off during the Black Friday sale.

BERLMAN Ergonomic

However, if you don’t like the racing-style chair, I highly recommend the BERLMAN Ergonomic. It’s not a gaming chair per se but it’s a good meshed-up computer chair that fits like anybody’s glove. It’s inexpensive but the overall value makes this a must-buy. It’s confirmed that this will go on sale with a $10 to $30 discount.

More Chairs on Cyber Monday

To be honest, we’re not even scratching the surface here. The examples above are the most likely to have the Cyber Monday treatment but anticipate more than a dozen chairs to come up too. I highly recommend doing your research, make price and feature comparisons, and contact different sellers before getting a gaming chair.

Jamie Nasser
Jamie Nasser
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