Gaming Headset Cyber Monday Deals 2024

Gaming Headset Black Friday Deals 2024

Best Gaming Headset Deals Cyber Monday 2024: Listen up, gamers… Cyber Monday here and getting the best gaming headset deals during the time is the perfect opportunity. If you’re looking for a gaming headset that focuses on giving you a competitive edge or an audiophile-like quality that lets you savor the rich surround sound of an open-world game, let me help you look out for the headsets you might want to get. 

We won’t focus on the specs and detailed audio quality but rather the products that will most likely show up with large discounts. 

Gaming Headset Cyber Monday Deals 2024

When is the Best Time to Buy a Gaming Headset?

Officially, Black Friday occurs on the last Friday of the month. For this year, it lands on November 29. However, if you plan to purchase a gaming headset on a digital store during Black Friday, I want to let you know that it occurs for a whole month until December 2, which is Cyber Monday. 

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Anytime during this holiday is good but what you’re looking for is Friday itself; November 29 will have the biggest price drop during the season. But you better hurry up and be the first one to buy during the day though. That also means a product you want will most likely go out of stock if you’re too late.

Best Gaming Headsets on the Cyber Monday Sale

Logitech G Pro X 

It’s one of Logitech’s flagship gaming headsets and, boy oh boy, this headset packs a wallop. Not only does it deliver crisp surround-sound audio but the mic quality sounds like it came from a high-profile podcast. 

SteelSeries Arctis 5 

Right on the budget with an excellent “OOMF” in sound quality, the Arctis 5 is one of the best budget headphones around. Undoubtedly, this is one of SteelSeries’ best-selling gaming headsets since its release thanks to its great quality. Expect a big price drop for this since the Arctis 7 is finally out.

Corsair HS50

Gaming on a tight budget? No big deal – the HS50 delivers more than what it’s priced at. Contrastingly, it’s not the best one Corsair released but for its price that’s less than $50, I’d say you won’t find a better headset than that for its value. 

How Big are the Black Friday Discounts?

Usually, when it comes to gaming headsets black friday deals, price drops are as low as $25 to at least $15. The headsets in this list are just the tip of the iceberg. If I were you, I’d go to Amazon, check out the list of available gaming headsets and sort the ones I’ll consider to buy. Do your research on each headset specs so you won’t feel even an ounce of regret when you buy one during the Black Friday deals. 

Jamie Nasser
Jamie Nasser
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