Best Xbox One X Cyber Monday Deals 2024

Black Friday Deals for Xbox One 2024

With the announcement of Microsoft about a new Xbox project that runs at “an amazing 120 fps”, that means the current Xbox One X will turn into old news. Contrastingly, that’s great news for anyone looking to buy an Xbox in this year’s Black Friday event.

Cyber Monday 2024 won’t happen until the 29th of November to the 2nd of December. However, some stores will start the sale as early as 2 weeks before the fateful Friday. You should anticipate great deals here and lots of Xbox in stock until Cyber Monday hits. 

Best Xbox One X Black Friday 2024 Deals

Why Buy an Xbox One X on Black Friday?

A significant upgrade over the Xbox One, the X version features new enhancements such as 4K resolutions at 60 fps. It also performs much faster than the OG Xbox One but as far as software goes, it remains the same.

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Xbox One X doesn’t have the same godly number of games like the PS4 or Switch but Microsoft fans agree that it’s still a console of wonders. 

Looking forward to Black Friday, sites such as Amazon and Newegg will display big discounts for the Microsoft console.

Here are some predicted bundles and packages:

Xbox One X Deals on Cyber Monday Season

Xbox One X 1TB Battlefield V Bundle

It’s not the most amazing Battlefield game but it’s still a good game nonetheless. The Xbox servers for BFV are still very active so you might want to follow-up. Since this is last year’s game, a discount for the bundle would range from $60 to $100.

Xbox One X 1TB The Division 2 Bundle

The Division 2 is a much-needed step-up from the disappointing first game and to see the latest entry bundled with a 1TB Xbox One X is good for any potential Xbox buyer like yourself. This game came out earlier this year so that means the discount will scale from $45 to $100 off.

Xbox One X 1TB with Controller

If you don’t plan on playing BFV or The Division 2, you can always go with the original package. No fuss, no catch, just the console, its necessary parts and one wireless controller to get you started. You might want to look forward to its $90 to $120 discount.

Will the Games be Discounted Too?

There is no doubt that there will be lots of good games on discount. Any game from the 2nd quarter of 2024 and earlier should receive a good price-off from $10 to $40.

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