Gaming Mouse Cyber Monday Deals 2022

Gaming Mouse Black Friday Deals 2022

Best Gaming Mouse Deals Cyber Monday 2022: Black Friday is coming and there is no better time to buy a great gaming mouse like this season. Officially, Cyber Monday will happen after Black Friday on the 29th of November 2022 but if you’re looking forward to the digital stores, sales start two weeks before Black Friday up to December 2, 2022 – Cyber Monday. 

I don’t need to discuss gaming mouse specs here, such as how much DPI you need or how many side buttons you’ll want, if you need an overview see our best gaming mouse review, or for a more specific overview our best FPS mouse or MMO gaming mice reviews. I’m just here to forward you the biggest discounts that will eventually happen during the event. Bear in mind that not all gaming mice will have price reductions during the time.

Gaming Mouse Cyber Monday 2022 Deals

Why Buy a Gaming Mouse on Black Friday?

Well, first of all, gaming mice are expensive. For a mouse that lets you adjust the DPI, customize the side buttons, all coated with gorgeous RGB lighting and optical sensors, there’s a reason why it’s more than just the standard-bog mouse. Some mice are even customized to compliment your hand too. Convenient, right?

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And that takes us to Black Friday. Competitive gaming or not, a gaming mouse will greatly improve your overall experience with video games. 

Knowing Amazon, the place will crawl with lots of discounted gaming mice whether it’s a high-profile Razer DeathAdder Elite or something cheap yet effective like the FANTECH X9 Thor. 

Better ensure you research the mouse you want before buying or you will regret your decisions later.

Predicted Best Gaming Mouse Deals on Cyber Monday 2022

Corsair Scimitar RGB

It’s one of the best gaming mice when it comes to MOBAs and MMORPGs. Equipped with a good DPI range and 12 customizable side buttons, it’s easy to see why this is a must-have for role-players.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Affordable yet sophisticated, the DeathAdder is a choice for many shooter fans thanks to its good DPI, ergonomic touch and multiple side buttons. Esports players use it so why not you? Expect a good discount on this one during the Black Friday Season.

BenQ Zowie FK1

It may not win when it comes to looks but if all goes down to performance, the Zowie FK1 will wow you in different ways. FPS players will want this thanks to its lightweight, easily customizable DPI and fluid movement for precision aiming.

How Big Are the Discounts Going to Be?

Expect the numbers going from $10 off to as much as $30 off depending on the gaming mouse tier. Gaming mice are typically one of the most discounted PC items during the season so it’s truly a good time to buy one. 

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Jamie Nasser
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